How To Improve Your Website"s Organic Search Engine Ranking

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So you have decided to use your website to promote your business.
Your website can make you some extra money that will come in handy for a rainy day, but in time, as you learn different marketing strategies, it might even bring you a reliable stream of income.
Once the first step is done and your website is complete, you should start learning about different ways to market it.
Your website needs to be promoted by any means possible if you want it to be successful.
Many business website owners start by using paid advertising, which can get you immediate traffic but in the long run it can be expensive.
If you want long-term free traffic you need to improve your website's organic search engine ranking.
What does this mean? When a customer searches for information on any topic, the search results that are in the main body of the page are the organic (unpaid) search results.
You want to make sure your website is listed on the first page of these results when a customer searches for terms related to the information or products on your website.
The reason why most business website owners really focus on organic search engine optimization is because it is a free way to influence your page rank and build traffic.
Your organic search engine ranking will increase as long as you focus on search engine optimization strategies like using relevant keywords, attractive titles, quality content, and of course getting quality backlinks.
Let's look at these in more detail.
There are different strategies, methods and tools you can use to increase your website's organic search engine ranking.
First, your website should be optimized so that it uses the proper keywords, especially in titles and descriptions on the page.
You want to make sure that your keywords are used often enough but not too often.
A good rule of thumb is to use a keyword density of around 4 percent, since this looks natural.
Anything more than that will be considered spam.
You can search the web to find a good keyword density analysis tool to help you in this regard.
But for best results, you will certainly need to get as many backlinks from other websites as possible.
You should focus on getting one way links instead of reciprocal links, since the search engines do not reward reciprocal links very much these days.
Also, if you have ever tried sending out emails requesting reciprocal links you have probably discovered that most people no longer bother to even reply to your emails, so hunting for reciprocal links is largely a waste of time.
There are many strategies for getting one way links, like article marketing, blog commenting, forum posting, and link networks.
You should use all of these in some combination for best results.
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