For a Deeper Clean, Try Vapor Steam!

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Steam cleaners look a lot like vacuums, but they use the natural power of steam to accomplish a multitude of domestic cleaning tasks. Vapor steam cleaning sanitizes, deep cleans and deodorizes. You can clean hard surfaces, like countertops, or softer surfaces, like upholstery with a steam cleaner. When you use a steam cleaner there is no need for additives or chemicals. Steam cleaners are useful for hygienically cleaning surfaces and floors around the home, car interiors and garden furniture. Steam cleaners are even useful for wallpaper stripping.

The way steam cleaners work is that they take regular tap water and transform it into fine, dry, high-pressured steam that is heated to two-hundred forty to two hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you probably shouldn't use a steam cleaner on heat sensitive materials. The steam in the steam cleaner is used to dislodge and dissolve the dirt and grease on the surface. Steam cleaners loosen the dirt in carpet fibers. The dirt rises to the surface where it is absorbed by a towel affixed to an attachment on the steam cleaner.

Harmful germs and 98% of dust mites are killed with the use of steam cleaners. Dry steam penetrates the pores of any material being cleaned and kills dust mites, viruses, molds and fungi. This means that steam cleaners reduce allergens while being kind to the environment. You'll immediately notice a freshness of the air in your home after using a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners heat up in minutes and most provide thirty minutes of continuous steam. Less than a gallon of tap water is used in an hour's worth of cleaning with a steam cleaner. Low moisture vapor is used which means that a steam cleaner will leave virtually no damp residue on the surface that has been cleaned. Some come with a shoulder strap and a detachable steam unit so that the unit is more portable. These features of a steam cleaner make the cleaning of hard to reach areas easier.

Steam cleaning, it's just right for deep and ecologically friendly cleaning.

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