Home Selling That Moves Beyond Buyer Discounts, Incentives and Lowest Price

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If you are going to sell more homes, you must get a clear sense of what makes you and your offer stand out.
You must be able to prove to home buyers that you offer something above the ordinary.
The fact is that when everything appears the same among competitors, the buyer expects the lowest price or big discounts and incentives.
Otherwise, what else do they have to base their decision? Can you blame the home buyer? This article explores what you can do to be remarkable in your marketplace to improve sales performance.
And that leads us to...
The Old Boring Sales Pitch In his book the Purple Cow, author Seth Godin makes the point that in a crowded and cluttered marketplace the savvy must find ways to get out of the same old boring sales pitch and stand out-to be remarkable.
Most cows are brown and ordinary but a Purple Cow is remarkable and worth talking about.
In other words, a Purple Cow is not a brown cow.
A brown cow is a code word for a platitude.
Best quality, good service, great warranty, highest value or pretty home pictures are all brown cows-if any builder, realtor or sales consultant can advertise, promote or say the same thing.
Newspaper Ads, Brochures, Flyers If you can substitute your name or logo over your competitor's ad, brochure or flyer-would it still say about the same things as yours? Understand that nothing is remarkable about such things as quality, service, value or a warranty until it is remarkable in the buyer's perception.
No matter how good you are at what you do, if buyers don't understand the real difference and make the connection-you are just another builder, realtor or salesperson spouting platitudes as if they are significant or meaningful.
That's "boring" in the buyer's perception.
If you are no better or no worse than the competition, then prospects must demand the lowest price.
Can you blame them? No wonder salespeople feel they have to offer discounts and incentives.
Margins and your commissions take a hit.
It doesn't have to be this way.
How to Discover What Makes You Remarkable Most builders, realtors or sales consultants are good at what they do but are not experts at communicating what makes them stand out.
That's why you should make time to analyze what are thought to be your Purple Cows.
If any builder, realtor or sales consultant can say the same thing you say, then make the time to answer the questions in the next section.
In either case, make sure you establish what makes you undeniably remarkable in your buyer's perception and not only in your eyes.
Write Out Your Responses to The Questions Below What do you do to give homebuyers what they want? Can you prove you do it better than your competition? What about your home product gives customers what they want?
  • Home location to the rest of the world, services, schools, shopping, etc.
  • Why was your product designed in the first place? Was there a targeted consumer group? How is the product designed to fit that specific consumer?
  • What specific systems or processes do you use to guarantee a quality home? Or, that the buyer will get the home they really want?
  • What about your location, design, processes or systems have customers found remarkable to date?
What do you provide in the buying and ownership experience to give buyers what they want?
  • What do you do in the area of mortgage, service or warranty that actually works for customers?
  • What have you done to make the buying experience exceptional? How have you made it convenient, less hassle, more fun, etc?
  • What are key reasons your home buyers have purchased from you and how has that decision helped improve their lives?
Three Action Steps to Develop Your Competitive Edge One.
Isolate the key factors that make you remarkable.
Make them a part of your informational marketing and selling strategy.
Educate the prospect with evidence.
Turn the key factors into handouts or free reports to be used for a low-risk offer, education and/or follow-up.
In a crowded and cluttered marketplace, you must find ways to get out of the same old boring sales pitch and find ways to stand out and be remarkable.
In the customer's perception, brown cows are ordinary-Purple Cows stand out.
Read Godin's book.
Test your promotional materials against your competitors.
If they can say they do the same thing as you, then you are talking brown cows or platitudes that mean nothing to the buyer.
Return to action step one.
Bottom line is that when everything appears the same among competitors, the buyer expects the lowest price or big discounts and incentives.
You can shift the game and build even greater perceived value by demonstrating what makes you, your product and your way of doing business remarkable.
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