How to Remove a Piece of Clothing in Second Life

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    • 1). Right click on your character and the circular contextual menu will appear. If using a Mac, hold down the command key and click. You can't do this in first-person mouse-look mode, so zoom out if necessary until you can see you character's back on screen.

    • 2). Select "Take Off" from the upper wedge of the circular menu, which will open a further contextual menu, with three options: "Detach," "Detach All" and "Clothes." The first two "Detach" options are for active objects that usually involve some kind of running code, such as a walking animation or a smoking cigarette.

    • 3). Select "Clothes" to open the final menu. The menu wheel will divide into parts of the body, allowing you to narrow down your selection. Select the part of the body from which you wish to remove the clothing item. If the body part is not listed, select "More" from the bottom segment. Click the item name in order to remove it.

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