How to Paint an Interior With Colors for Your Moods

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    • 1). Take a walk through your home and decide which colors go well with the style and decor in each room. It's important to select shades that blend with the overall theme in every room. Think about the mood you want to create, as well. Certain colors might go well in the bedroom, while a more vivid shade may be appropriate for an office.

    • 2). Select cheerful colors such as yellow and green for rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as the kitchen or living room. All shades of yellow induce feelings of joy, but not all shades work well. Citrus yellow can work in a kitchen that has white or oak cupboards, but it clashes with cherry wood cabinetry. Muted green can work with cherry cabinets. You can also use bold colors in the kitchen, such as violet, if you want to create a happy but assertive mood.

    • 3). Choose relaxing colors in rooms where you wind down or sleep. Peaceful, calming colors work well in a bedroom, guest room or library. You can use a bold color such as vivid red in a bedroom or guest room, but limit it to an accent wall. Dark colors can work well in a master bedroom, but choose carefully.

    • 4). Paint a workout room red or violet to stimulate energy and mood. These power colors can lift your spirits while you exercise.

    • 5). Use cheerful or motivating colors in your home office. Bright colors like yellow or green can make you feel happy while you work. Red and violet can create a sense of assertiveness, which is helpful when you're working.

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