Customizable Load Outs - Modern Warfare 2

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This time around, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players won't be set with only three kill streaks.
In a recent press event presentation the Infinity Ward team went into a little more detail on some of the new kill streaks we can look forward to seeing.
The classic UAV, precision air strike, and attack helicopter will be making a return but players will also be given six additional options.
The new customization in MW2 will allow you to select any three of the nine after unlocking each one of course.
The more veteran players may wish to select the higher level kill streaks while newer players may stick to lower level ones.
The new list of kill streaks consists of UAV at 3 kills, care package at 4 kills, counter UAV at 4 kills, sentry gun at 5 kills, predator missile at 5 kills, precision air strike will now be at 6 kills, attack helicopter at 7 kills, pave low at 9 kills, and the infamous AC130 at 11 kills.
Care package will require a player to drop a signal smoke grenade in which a crate will drop either supplying extra ammo or even another kill streak.
There is a chance to pick up an AC130 from this but is said that the lower kill streaks will appear more often.
Both teams will be able to access these supply crates so if you don't get to it quick enough you could end up giving the advantage to the enemy team.
Counter UAV will obviously shut down an enemy teams UAV should they have one deployed.
Sentry guns will be an immobile gun turret, said to be a great asset for object type games.
Predator missiles will allow you to open a laptop and take control of a guided missile that you will be able to first person style maneuver down onto enemy players.
Pave low is another attack helicopter but is more heavily armored, meaning more difficult to take down.
Lastly on Modern Warfare 2 would be the AC130, which as seen from multiplayer footage allows you to pop open a laptop and take the place of a gunner aboard an AC130 circling above the map.
Not all of these will be available at first but will instead have to be unlocked.
No word yet has been given on how you come to unlock the kill streaks or if there is a discernible order in which they have to be unlocked.
Most likely leveling up would be the obvious method to unlock them but again no word on if they are by reaching a set level or if you have free choice to unlock which ones you want first.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 looks set to be an amzing spectacle with lots of fantastic new features.
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