Engagement Rings - Hot Trends to Consider

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While the engagement ring was once only available in simple styles, you have many excellent styles to choose from today. Although you want to ensure you pick a ring that you€¬€ll love for years to come, going with some of the exciting new trends can be a great idea. Great new colors, fun shapes and interesting band styles are just a few of the stunning new trends that have become popular recently. If you€¬€re getting ready to pick out a ring for your engagement and you€¬€re planning to buy this jewellery online, here are a few of today€¬€s hottest trends to consider.

Trend #1 - Colored Stones and Colored Metals

One great trend now available in engagement rings is stones and metals in great colors. While most rings in the past have been made with white gold, platinum or yellow gold, today colored metals are available. One great choice in colored metals is rose gold, or you may want to try yellow and white gold for a two-tone look. White diamonds were usually the stone of choice in the past. However, today these rings can be found with many colorful stones. You can find yellow, pink, chocolate, blue and even black diamonds. Many other stones are hot today, including emeralds, sapphires and other precious and semiprecious stones.

Trend #2 - Beautiful Halo Settings

Beautiful halo settings are another big engagement ring trend to consider. These rings have stones that frame the center solitaire in a halo shape. You'll benefit from a larger looking solitaire and a solitaire that really stands out when you go with this setting. You'll usually find that slender bands are paired up with this unique setting. Also, lovely pave stones and milgrain work are seen too.

Trend #3 - Geometric Shapes

Unique geometric shapes are available in engagement rings as well. In fact, geometry has become a trendy option in many different types of jewellery online. Some of the shapes you'll find include teardrops and sunbursts. With these interesting shapes, they really catch the eye because of all the angles. You€¬€ll enjoy extra shine and visual interest with these shapes.

Trend #4 - Vintage and Antique Styles

Old styles are hot, so anything antique or vintage is going to be on trend. Great styles found among antique and vintage rings include filigree scrolls, art deco styles and interesting floral detailing. Other charming options include those with micropaved stones and Edwardian-inspired rings.

Trend #5 - Bands Styles that are New and Unique

Last, bands that come in unique and new styles are a trendy option. The bands are the attractive focus of these rings instead of the main stone. You can find bands that are twisted, twirled together and others that have trellised bands. For a modern style, split shank bands are hot and you can find great metalwork such as braided bands and basket-weave bands.

If you€¬€re looking for the perfect engagement ring that offers something unique and different, these exciting trends offer some great ideas. Go with one of these great trends or get more trendy ideas by looking at great engagement jewellery online.
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