Home Remedies to Remove Liver Spots on Skin and Make Your Skin Bright Again

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Are you suddenly noticing dark patches or brown spots on your skin? In most cases these harmless spots are caused by a combination of aging and over exposure to the sun.
These brown or black spots on skin are called liver spots or age spots.
Liver spots on skin are a collection of pigment and typically appear as flat, gray, brown or black spots on your hands and arms as well as your face.
Liver spots on your skin are most common around the age of fifty five.
These skin spots range in size as small as a freckle and as big as a quarter and can group together making them even more prominent especially on the face and hands.
Ultraviolet rays of the sun stimulate the production of pigment melanin in the skin and as your body ages distribution of the pigment becomes irregular producing patches of dark skin on your body.
The areas of the body receiving the most sun are naturally more susceptible to skin damage and therefore are more likely to generate age spots at a later age.
The good news is there are many different ways to treat liver spots on skin.
Some examples of treatment are freezing, skin peels, skin sanding, laser, or use of a skin lightening gels.
While most of these treatments are highly effective they also range in price from fairly expensive to outrageously expensive.
The most obvious and least expensive natural remedy for liver or age spots is to protect your skin from the sun.
But, even with the best skin protection you will more than likely over time develop some age spots on you body.
So how can you effectively fade or remove age spots without having to take out a second mortgage? Why not use safe and inexpensive home remedies.
Home or natural type remedies are an easy and inexpensive way to reduce or eliminate liver spots on skin.
One effective way is to apply the juice of an acidic fruit such as a lemon.
Applying a piece of the acidic fruit directly to the brown patches repeatedly and over long periods of time can make liver spots disappear.
Another effective home remedy is to mix a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a couple of tablespoons of lemon or orange juice and when applied to the skin fades liver spots.
Ever considered washing your face in butter milk? Buttermilk contains lactic acid which not only offers you a creamy complexion but will also gradually fade liver spots your face.
There are also many low cost herbal home remedies you can use to remove and fade liver spots on skin.
One herbal home remedy that works quickly is mixing a pinch of the Chinese herb gotu kola with a pinch of ginseng and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
Mix the ingredients together and drink as a tea.
Not only does this tea fade liver spots on skin quickly it also acts as a natural body flush making your skin brighter and improving your overall health.
Dandelion and rosemary essential oil also make good herbal remedies that you can rub on your skin to fade liver spots.
The problem with herbal remedies however is that they rarely contain high enough concentrations to be effective so a purchasing a natural or herbal cream is more likely to give good results.
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