Laser Teeth Whitening - Is It For Me?

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Nowadays, many more people are considering getting laser teeth whitening, otherwise known as light accelerated bleaching or power whitening.
This procedure is considered to be the fastest and most effective method to whiten your teeth.
So effective, in fact, that it can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades up.
Also, the results you get from laser teeth whitening last longer than the ones you get form other teeth whitening methods.
The downside of this procedure is that its price can be very steep.
It can run you up to $500 to $1000, depending on the dentist.
This procedure starts with a regular teeth cleaning to remove plaque and other debris.
This first step is very important since having plaque can hamper the teeth whitening process.
You will not get maximum results if you don't start with your teeth clean.
Then, the dentist puts a barrier in between your teeth and your lips and gums, so that laser light does not burn the soft tissue.
After that, a special gel formulation containing a high concentration of a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, is spread over your teeth.
After this gel is completely and evenly covering all tooth surfaces, the dentist now apply a powerful laser light.
The light can come from either plasma arc, LED, or halogen lighting.
Most dental professionals prefer halogen light because it gives off the safest and most optimal light.
The blue part of the light spectrum is considered to be the most effective in whitening the teeth.
It is also found to be less damaging to the inner core of the tooth.
If the light intensity is lower than usual, it will not penetrate deep enough and you will not get good enough results.
On the other hand, if the light is of a higher intensity, it can cause damage to your gums and other oral tissues.
This is why it's so important that the procedure is meticulously done by a trained and experienced dental expert.
The gel formulation is exposed to the laser light for around 6-15 minutes, depending on the degree of staining or discoloration.
The light activates the oxidizing agent in the gel, thus the bleaching process is accelerated.
The results can last for up to one year.
However, you should be vigilant about what you eat and drink.
Coffee or tea and tobacco can cause your teeth to become stained again.
Some people with extremely discolored teeth may require more than one session of laser whitening.
The dentist will be the one to determine if you need additional sessions or not.
He will take into consideration the state of your teeth and gums and see if they are healthy enough.
Laser teeth whitening is a very costly procedure, and although its results last for a long time, they are not permanent.
Also, you may experience some degree of tooth sensitivity after the procedure, but this is just temporary and will be gone in a few days.
If you are willing to spend a fortune and this procedure and are prepared for the possible side effects, then go for it!
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