List of Shingles Symptoms and Treatment

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If perhaps you're presently struggling with Shingles, then you're probably curious to find out exactly what the Shingles symptoms and treatment is. Throughout the next few paragraphs, I'm going to give you some of the best Shingles treatments available that one could begin making use of immediately.

First, what are the Shingles symptoms and treatment?

- intense nerve pain
- rash and blisters
- skin sensitivity
- moderate fever
- head ache
- chills
- malaise
- itching
- scabs
- low energy

These would be the most popular Shingles symptoms that you may be going through.

Keep in mind that Shingles is the re-emergence of the varicella virus (generally known as Chicken Pox) which often occurs due to stress, trauma or even a weakened immune system. Because of this, one of the best Shingles symptoms and treatment will be to reduce or even eliminate stress out of your life. That means spending some time relaxing and becoming comfortable. Get plenty of rest as well as sleep as much as you are able to.

Shingles Symptoms and Treatment

To boost your own immune system as well as help your body to fight off the virus, I recommend Vitamin C and other multi-vitamins to assist the body. You can get that from food, however taking it as a supplement could be simpler. On the main topic of food, you want to make certain you're eating a healthy diet.

For Shingles symptoms and treatment, you can try calamine lotion as well as Vitamin E oil to use on the skin. You would want to be sure you keep your skin as clean as possible and anything you do, don't scratch it - regardless of how itchy it could be.

There are many additional natural lotions, creams and also remedies you can use on your skin to eliminate the rash and also get rid of pain. Ibuprofen or aspirin can temporarily assist with the pain, but there are other permanent as well as safer methods to help yourself.

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