Hidden Answers To Atkins And Ketosis Revealed

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The basic fundamental idea of the Atkins plan is that your body will go into a state of ketosis.
This is supposed to help you burn fat that has been stored as energy.
A lot of people, even if they are on a low carbohydrate diet, seem to not understand exactly how ketosis actually works.
A line of diet plans today include reducing calories.
These may help you lose some weight, although a lot of the weight comes from fat, some of it also will come from lean muscle tissue.
And although you will look smaller as you stand on the scale, the body's metabolism is really slowing down because as you lose lean muscle, the slower the metabolism will be.
This is why that losing weight is more difficult and that gaining weight is not difficult at all.
The Atkins diet, however, severely restricts carbohydrates and creates a state called ketosis in the body that just burn the fat and does not burn any muscle.
In other words, most of the energy for your body comes from fat which will be naturally excreted.
Ketones are actually a quiet efficient and normal source of fuel for the human body.
They are from the liver and come from fatty acid which is stored there.
The Atkins plan you will reduce the amount of sugar and glucose which is in the bloodstream.
As a direct result of this, your body will produce ketones that are used for fuel.
Many people believe that following a diet such as Atkins can be hazardous to your health.
However this is a common misconception only.
If your body is in a state of ketosis it is quite natural.
In fact, if you reach a state of ketosis it is a key to success on the Atkins plan and can be as simple as the elimination of carbohydrates from your diet to achieve.
If you follow the eating plan properly the Atkins diet can not only make you thinner, but also less prone to acquiring diabetes in the future.
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