Five Reasons Regent Is The Right Choice For Military Students

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Maybe a degree will help advance your military career. Or maybe you plan to use your military education benefits to equip yourself for life after the service. Before you set out on your new collegiate mission, a little intelligence gathering will go a long way to ensuring the best results possible. Not every university serves the military with the same commitment and skill with which the military serves our country. You should take the time to find the best school for your needs.

In pursuit of a wide range of educational goals, America's troops and their families have found Regent University in Virginia Beach, the nation's top-ranked online Christian college, to be the right fit. Below are five reasons why Regent works best for those in uniform seeking to advance their careers through higher learning.

1. Your Advocate on Campus
Among the highest administrative offices at Regent University, you'll find our Director of Military Affairs, whose mission is meeting the needs and goals of the military community at Regent from the active duty, to military families, to veterans.

As part of the military community at Regent University, you'll find support from a professional team who understands the sacrifices of military life and stands trained to navigate the ins and outs of your military benefits. Regent distinguishes itself among many American universities in dedicating so many resources to recruiting and supporting America's heroes.

2. An Affordable Education
Regent University offers financial aid programs for our military students, which can result in a zero-dollar tuition rate. For veterans, Regent University is also a participant in the Post-9/11 GI Bill's Yellow Ribbon Program. Furthermore, each graduate school within Regent University offers its own military scholarship award program for active-duty military students pursuing advanced degrees.

Your educational benefit dollars will go further at Regent than at many other universities. Our financial aid counselors will show you how to receive every bit of support you've earned, while helping you apply for Regent's own special military awards.

3. A Culture of Honor
As a Christian university, Regent's community is guided and reinforced by a Biblical worldview a culture many service people believe fits well with the culture of military life. In the Armed Forces, you learn core values like honesty, integrity, service, and teamwork, and Regent's Christian identity promotes these same values.

The students, faculty, and staff of Regent consider it a great honor to host so many men and women in uniform. At Regent, you'll find a campus full of military supporters, eager to include your perspective and experience in the classroom dialogue.

4. The Online Classroom
No matter where in the world you're stationed, you can obtain a Regent University undergraduate or graduate degree. Our sophisticated online technologies allow you to participate in an enriching learning experience without compromising your duty.

Regent University combines technology and practical application with instant online access to learning resources, professors, and other students. It is designed specifically for students with non-traditional education needs, such as military students.

5. Located Near a National Military Hub
Home to several military bases and a short drive from several more, the Virginia Beach location is an ideal locale for service members and their families stationed in the Mid-Atlantic region.

But even for military personnel not currently stationed in or near Virginia Beach, Regent's proximity to many major installations translates into a constant, robust population of Armed Forces personalities. So when you attend any class at Regent, you're likely to find your brothers and sisters in the service, creating a strong support community for those in uniform.

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