What Promotional Items Should Be and What They Shouldn"t Be

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Choosing the best promotional items for your company can be a daunting task.
Take the time to brainstorm about the kind of promotional products that best represent your company.
Be careful with the gifts that do not reflect on your company's endeavors.
Investing in the wrong kind of product could be counterproductive.
Promotional Products Should Be: 1) Useful: choose things that people will use everyday, or at least look at everyday.
The goal is to increase your company's visibility through promotion and handing out items your clients will never use, nor even remember where they put them, is not conducive to achieving this goal.
2) Well thought: Promotional action plans should be carefully thought and reflect well on your company's endeavors.
3) Specially imagined for a specific target audience: they should represent your industry quite well, for example, cash stashes for banks, or pill holders for a pharmaceutical company.
If you sell cosmetics, a cosmetics bag will be perfect for your consumers.
4) Original promotional items for business: calculators, desk pad calendars, rulers, sticky notes, pens and pencils, are the best items for banks and insurance companies.
A Mini Cash-Can may represent any company, and has become a must have for every person who doesn´t know where to hide money.
Promotional Products Shouldn't Be: 1) A mere copy of your direct competitor: think of ways of seeing what they are giving away.
How? Attend one of their events or order a sample pack.
This will ensure that if you choose the correct item, your product will have the desired impact.
2) Ridiculous: choose original promotional items, not plastic flowers or ceramic elephants which nobody knows where to hide.
Don´t give a bald man a comb! 3) Discontinued items, so that you can re-order easily and quickly if the item proves to be a real hit.
4) Too personal: some items are too personal and invasive.
Can you imagine anything less classy and inappropriate than undergarments? Can you think of anything more inappropriate for a promotional corporate product than a pair of underpants with your company`s logo! If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to post it to your site or blog and forward this link to your friends.
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