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Humans have teeth. But it may be lost due to an accident or disease. Teeth have different purposes and being related to eating alone is one. Loss of teeth affects the way you eat and speak, and it can influence your self-confidence as well. Every human tooth participate an important part in eating. They practice food for swallowing and digestion. Your canine teeth tear food and premolars mash and grind it, and molars is the most useful tooth in overall chewing. Your tongue puts the food into the right position and with the help of the saliva to moisten the food; there is effortless and better progress when swallowing. Chewing and grinding properly is impossible without your teeth and this makes swallowing and digesting food complicated.

Bad hygiene is considered to be the cause of all problems regarding your teeth. Tooth decay, tooth fracture and trauma are also other causes but the most common cause is tooth decay and as it reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth, expect to feel sensitivity and a bit if pain when drinking hot and cold drinks. When an old metal filling reduces size over time, decay will start so this is another cause of root canal. It can only be detected when you already feel pain and sensitivity. Another cause of these teeth problems is tooth fracture and it is caused by grinding your teeth, eating hard foods or chewing ice. It can develop hairline type fracture(s) that let bacteria into the pulp chamber in which the tooth is infected. Trauma on the other hand is another cause of teeth problems which is acquired due to car accidents, work or sport linked injuries, and falls that make you snap your teeth together which can cause damage to the nerve and the result will be apparent during adulthood.

Now, when the pulp has been damaged and seems to be irreparable, root canal treatment will be performed by your dentist instead of removing the tooth. This process aims to clean and shape the infected canals inside the root. The bacteria is removed and cleaned out of the infection occurring on the pulp chambers then the root canals will not be filled with a solid filling material for prevention of future problems. It usually requires more than one visit to your dentist. Keep your schedules to avoid treatment delays and healing delays as well. A prescription of medications and antibiotics may be given to you so that there will be lesser swelling and faster healing.
However, finding the right dentist will help you to fix all your tooth issues and get rid from your tooth ache. Hire Dr. Brianfrancis and enhance your smile with various techniques. Visit
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