Magazine Racks for Retail Stores and More

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They’re a common sight, so common that we often end up - not quite ignoring them, but accepting their presence as if they’ve always been there. Magazine racks and brochure holders can be found almost everywhere, from retail stores to hotels, tourist centers to universities. They’ve learned quickly that their guests and customers like being able to take information back with them, giving them the opportunity to look over information at their own pace and make their own conclusions. It’s not hard to encourage customers to stop and pick up some brochures, but you’ve got to make sure that your guests can easily locate them. This is where the racks and holders come in handy. A good brochure rack puts a wide variety of pamphlets right at the customers’ fingertips in a location that’s easy to reach.

Which magazine rack suits your needs best? Luckily, you’ve got a wide selection to choose from. There are hundreds of different styles available online, so you’ll have to narrow down your needs a bit. Do you have floor space to spare and the desire to give your guests the largest amount of brochures possible? In that case, pedestal style brochure stands would be your best bet. While there are stands available that have space for only one (1) or two (2) pamphlets, many of the floor-standing models have the space to hold well over a hundred (100) brochures. The stands are the perfect way to keep them well-organized and neat, making it easy for customers to find the information they want. Some pedestal designs use a spinning motion to get as many brochures as possible in a smaller area. Other styles enhance your brochures with a promotional poster or art print, creating an attractive visual that customers are drawn to.

Are you concerned about floor space? Do you prefer to save your floor space for merchandise, or just don’t have much to spare? If that’s your issue, take a look at wall-mounted magazine holders. These are the designs you’ll often see hanging in waiting areas at doctor’s offices, office suites, even at oil change stations. They keep the product organized, and well off the floor. What you need to keep in mind with these models is that, in general, they don’t have the capacity that a floor-standing design does. You may need to get multiple items or have the holder custom made if you need a rack on the larger side of things.

What if you’re constantly taking your business on the road? Do you do a lot of business at trade shows, farmers’ markets, conventions, or similar places? These are some of the best places to offer potential customers brochures, so take your pamphlets with you and keep them showcased in a tabletop or a portable folding rack. These portable displays provide a neater and well organized showcase that will impress those passing by your booth. The folding stands and tabletop racks are lightweight enough that you can set them up in the best position for people to stop and take notice of them. The folding racks can also be compressed down into a far smaller package, making it easy to toss them into the car and carry them from place to place. Yes, you do have to take into account the fact that portable stands [] can’t quite hold as much as a larger, permanent display can. However, their design makes them easy to refill so replacement brochures can be slipped into place quickly and without much fuss.

Providing brochures to potential customers is a great way to free up your support staff, which is especially convenient in settings such as trade shows where you may be operating with only a limited amount of employees. The brochures can quickly provide your guests with the basic information and statistics regarding a product, location, or service, and they can follow up with the employees for more detailed questions and answers. This will help keep the center or booth running smoothly and make your staff less frazzled in the process.

These pamphlets are also a productive way to encourage brand recognition with your visitors. Because they’re so portable, brochures are an easy way to keep your name lingering in customers’ minds long after they’ve left your establishment. They can easily return to the brochure to find further information about your company and products for a return visit. They can also pass them along to friends and family who they think could benefit from your services, helping you to get new customers as well. Chances are, you’ve spent a good deal of money designing the ideal pamphlets to meet your business needs, so you want to make it easy for your customers to take notice of them. Just tossing them on the countertop may not work, but setting them up in a stand that’s placed precisely where you know the traffic flow in your store is heaviest just may do the trick.

Knowing all that pamphlets, brochures, and magazines can do for an establishment makes us realize that we shouldn’t give their holders short shrift. These stands provide the support your promotional materials need in order to do their job as best as possible, helping to increase your business in the process. Thanks for reading!
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