How to Program iTrip

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    • 1). Naviaget on your Internet browser to the Radio Locator (in the "Resources" below), and enter your ZIP code to find the station number of the best open frequency in your area.

    • 2). Turn your radio on with your iTrip and iPod in hand. Plug the iTrip into the bottom of the iPod.

    • 3). Turn on your iPod and press the programming button on the side of the iTrip.

    • 4). Click the programming button up or down until you reach the radio frequency for your area and press the programming button again to lock the device on that station.

    • 5). Make sure your radio is on the correct station and scroll to a song on your iPod and press "Play" on the device. Your iTrip will activate and the selected song will beging playing through the radio speakers.

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