Free Lesson Plans for Life Skills and Problem Solving

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    Life Skills and Problem Solving At School

    • Problem solving at school leads to understanding life skills and students being able to use them as they move out into the world on their own. Have students talk about several problems that they see at school. Problems might include too many students running in the halls, water on the floor in the bathroom, or not having enough time to get to class. Then, have students brainstorm ways that they can solve these problems for themselves and the other students. As students learn how to identify problems at school and how to brainstorm, choose and implement solutions to those problems, they learn how to transfer those problem solving skills to the real world.

    Communication Skills

    • Students and teachers alike should understand the the biggest detriment to living on one's own is being able to communicate when you need help. Students who are learning both life skills and problem solving skills need to learn communication skills and tips so that they can function on their own once they leave school. Do an activity in which students brainstorm ideas of who they should talk to about various problems. Ask students who they need to contact if they feel sick, and ask them who they need to contact if there is something broken in their home. Have students make lists of numbers to call or people to talk to depending on what the situation is. This practice will help students prepare for making these types of lists as they need them when they are on their own.

    Home Life and Problem Solving Skills

    • Students need to learn both home life skills and home problem solving skills in order to function well in society. Set up your classroom as a home, with an area that is a bedroom, and area that is a kitchen, and areas that are living quarters. Have students rotate through stations in which they are given tasks to complete that include problems. In the bedroom, a task could be that they need to make the bed but the sheets are dirty. In the kitchen, a problem could be that they want to make Mac and Cheese to eat but they don't have any more left. In living areas, problems could include that someone wants to come in the door but the student doesn't recognize them, or that there is a noise coming from the fire alarm and the student doesn't know what the noise means. As each of these tasks are presented to the students, have them tell you what the solution would be and act out the solution as they see it. Running through several of these tasks and problems with students will give them a chance to practice real-life problem solving and life skills.

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