Could YOU Be Killing Your Best Friend?

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We all know that some things are bad for us.
We avoid them as much as possible.
But did you know that most commercial dog foods are actually bad for your best friend, your dog? How Can That Be? Most commercial dog foods contain nasty chemical preservatives.
Ethoxyquin is one of them.
The FDA actually classes ethoxyquin as a pesticide! It promotes kidney carcinogenesis (the process that turns healthy cells into cancer cells) and has been linked to: * Allergic reactions * Skin problems * Major Organ Failure * Behaviour problems - of particular importance if you have children! Although the pet food industry has been asked to voluntarily lower the amount of ethoxyquin, there is no mandatory requirement to do so.
What Else? BHA and BHT are antioxidants used to preserve oils and fats in cosmetics.
They are banned in human food in many countries.
In the US however, they are permitted in dog food.
It is linked to liver and kidney dysfunction.
What Should I Do? One way round the problem is to make your own dog food.
This is less difficult and costly than it seems! Home made dog food is great for your dogs.
You know what is in it.
You will be helping your dog live a longer much healthier life.
You will save money on vet bills! Did you know that the average lifespan of a dog in the US is just 11 years? Yet, given the best conditions, including proper food, a dog can live 27 years.
You can read the dangers of commercial dog food - by your dog can't.
They rely on you to provide them with what they need.
Do your best for your dog - make sure that he or she is fed with the food that they need - not chemicals that kill!
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