Excessive Face Sweating - Ways to Control Excessive Face Sweating

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Sweating is a natural body process.
It is a way the body gets rid of all the unwanted things from the system like toxins, impurities and the waste products of the body.
These waste products of the body are actually the by-products of the metabolic processes of the body's cells.
Another purpose of sweating is that it helps in the body's thermoregulation.
Sweat cools the body and it prevents it from temperature elevation the moment you feel the heat.
Yet there are instances that sweating bothers some people.
This is when they sweat profusely even on cool conditions.
Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition wherein the body sweats more than it should.
There is no exact known cause for it, but there are a lot of underlying causes.
Hyperhidrosis could be classified into several types depending on which region of the body is affected.
There is palmar hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the palms; axillary hyperhidrosis, profuse sweating of the underarms; pedal hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the feet and cranio-facial hyperhidrosis, there is excessive facial sweating and in some cases, the scalp sweats profusely as well.
Have you ever experienced being in a public place and you just start to sweat excessively on your face? Is the sweat dripping from your forehead down to your neck like you've just been doused with a bottle of water? If you have experienced this situation, then you are most likely suffering from cranio-facial hyperhidrosis.
It is quite an embarrassing situation being with people and looking as if you've just taken a bath, right? You lose your self-confidence and sometimes if you are at work, it also affects your job performance.
If you are called in court to present your testimony about a case and in front of the judge and the jury, you start to sweat profusely, how do you think it will look? If you are on a date and because you feel the pressure and the stress, you start to sweat in front of your date, what kind of impression will you leave? Do you think you will get to have a second date with him/her? If you think that you're never going to have your life back because excessive facial sweating is taking over it, then, there is good news for you! There are already a lot of treatment options to help alleviate the problem you have.
A thing you should always remember is that you should bring a handkerchief with you, to wipe sweat from your face.
Another way to keep excessive facial sweating at its minimum is by applying antiperspirant powders or creams to your face.
There are also sprays available on the market.
If these natural remedies won't work for you, then there's the newest trend today.
Botox injections not only keep wrinkles at bay, but it also is a good treatment for excessive sweating.
The results are immediate, but in the long run, the effects wear off.
Another setback to using Botox is you need to have it redone twice or thrice a year.
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