How To Housebreak Puppies

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Your dog is a living being that has bodily functions.
When you take your dog home for the first time, it should be with the understanding that he will have to discharge his body wastes.
Therefore, at one point or another, you will need to housebreak your puppy.
Think of it as like trying a new appliance in your home - you have to make sure that it will fit well in your home and that you will be able to live with it.
Some pet owners keep putting off their training to housebreak their puppies.
This would then end up resulting to laxness in the part of your pet.
Even if you routinely take him out, your puppy may not understand what you are trying to do.
Do not think that it is a difficult thing to do or maybe even impossible to achieve.
The only time it will become difficult is when you do not become consistent about it.
Here are some tips that are useful when you plan to housebreak your puppy.
You can go through them to get ideas on how to go about with the task.
First of all, do not punish them.
While it is true that it is quite a messy job, punishing them will only leave the puppy traumatized, making it harder for you to train him.
Furthermore, praise your consistently as reward for good behaviour.
Your dog will decode praising as reinforcement that he is doing the right thing and that you are pleased with him.
This will tell your pet that he is on the right track and because he will be feeling good, he will continue to do what he just did because he knows that his master is not angry at him when he does that action.
There are several ways to housebreak your puppy and it is important that you are there for guidance and to consistently give commands.
One of these methods is to designate pads and specific "peeing" areas where they can relieve themselves.
You just have to direct your dog to those pads and when they go off, command him to go back.
When you see your dog do something funny or about to do the thing, immediately direct him to the area.
Another method is crate training.
Always make sure that the dog understands that the crate is his bed to sleep in and not his alternative bathroom.
The crate should be just large enough for him to sleep in and does not have the added space to relieve his mess.
You are bound to catch the puppy in the act of doing it.
Always remember not to punish him.
Just continue training him and he is bound to get it anytime soon.
These where and when your extra patience comes in.
Sometimes it can become frustrating but you will soon feel rewarded when you've successfully potty trained him.
You may not communicate in the same language and your puppy may not understand it right away, but soon he will adapt what you have taught him and you will soon reap the rewards for being a responsible pet owner.
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