Improving The Usability Of Ecommerce Solutions, Stage 10, Distributing A Verification Email

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Throughout this ecommerce project we have gone over the value of customer service and providing the customer what they want. Treat your website like you would your retail high-street shop, the customer will dictate how you design, market and manage your online business. Being adjustable in these economic times is one of the major attributes to your business surviving and becoming successful.

As the rate of spending is increasing year on year online the need to move with the times is an essential trait for all ecommerce solutions. There are still a huge amount of websites that have poor usability throughout the ordering process and this occurs in potential customers dropping out of the shopping basket and not converting. These steps should improve the usability of your ecommerce software and maximise your conversion rate. In this final step of how to build user-friendly ecommerce solutions we look at the importance of sending out a verification email to the customer once the order has been placed on the website.

Once a user has placed an order on the ecommerce solutions, a confirmation should be sent out immediately. This provides the customer with confidence and assurance that there order has been accepted and processed correctly. The confirmation email should include the customers details, name and delivery address, be brief as the customer does not want their personal details being sent over the internet by email. Only put in the relevant details that are important to the order. Include the product details such as order number, title and pricing. Some ecommerce software includes a tracking number for delivery where the customer can track their order in the postal system.

The email should be a commercial for your ecommerce store, ebay store or facebook store, so adding branding and relevant information regarding the business and order is crucial to customer satisfaction. A well designed and thought about confirmation email will add to the customer experience and market your online business as confirmation emails are rarely deleted and remain in an inbox for many weeks. So by adding marketing triggers such as ‘special offers' button or ‘sale' button within the email will cause repeat business traffic and conversions.

By adding important information within the email will also cut costs for the ecommerce store, ebay store or facebook store, it is much cheaper for someone to resolve a problem online rather than having to call a customer service line. By thinking about what the customer wants and needs within the confirmation email, such as delivery time, the customer service can be minimised and there will be more time for promotion.

The last few articles have outlined ten steps of how to improve the usability of ecommerce solutions. The past few steps should make your ecommerce site more usable and therefore more successful. Using these ecommerce guides can only take you online business so far, which is why constant testing and analysis is needed for all ecommerce solutions. Ecommerce software has become increasingly more advanced and with analytics software you should be able to monitor every aspect of your website. Putting all of these tools and guidelines together your online business should become increasingly user-friendly and therefore successful.
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