Do Not Fear Terrorism; Halloween is Here at Your Local Retailer

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Well it looks like Halloween season is here as the major retailers are starting over 45 days early and have all this shelves stocked with Halloween stuff.
This is unfortunate because I was reserving this month to be scared about International Terrorism.
On the news we learn that we should fear international terrorism and the sneaky bad guys.
But when I went into a local retailer I noticed Halloween stuff was everywhere; that was a little scary considering it is quite a ways off until Halloween.
Each year it appears our retailers start earlier and earlier to get a jump on the competition to sell us the latest holiday goods.
What are you going to be for Halloween this year?Plastic pumpkins are for sale; buy two get one free; says the ad.
As a consumer I feel threatened by these early Halloween sales.
But whatever you do; do not buy a Osama bin Laden ghost outfit for your kids for Halloween.
The French newspaper says that Osama bin Laden has died and he may come back as a ghost for Halloween.
We should not fear terrorism, as we enter the Halloween season.
Halloween reminds us that the only thing we have to fear, is fear its self.
Now I wonder when the Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday decorations will go up in the local retailers and the shelves will be stocked with more holiday gear.
Now that's a scary thought.
Consider this in 2006.
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