How to Change the Blinker Bulb on a 1999 Jetta

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    • 1). Locate the turn signal housing on the sides of the bumper. There are three distinct lenses on the assembly. Place the blade of the flathead screwdriver between the middle and outside lens and pry out the middle lens with the blade.

    • 2). Locate the locking tab that holds in the outside lens to the bumper. Push in this locking tab with your thumb and pull the lens off of the bumper.

    • 3). Remove the turn signal bulb from the lens with your hands. Then twist out the old bulb and discard it. Twist the replacement bulb into the housing, then push it back into the lens.

    • 4). Push the lens back onto the bumper, then push the middle section in as well until everything is locked in place.

    Rear Blinker

    • 1). Open the trunk and pull back the factory carpeting on the trunk with your hands to reveal the back of the brake light assembly.

    • 2). Locate the two plastic tabs located in the center of the bulb holder for the taillight. Squeeze the two tabs towards each other and pull out the bulb holder assembly.

    • 3). Remove the top bulb from the assembly by twisting it counter clockwise. Install the replacement bulb in the same socket by twisting it clockwise. Then push the bulb holder back into the back of the taillight.

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