Basic Wii Questions

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    • Compared to other video game systems released in the same time period, the Nintendo Wii puts more of an emphasis on motion control and more physically active game play as opposed to high-definition graphics and multimedia support. Here are the answers to a few basic questions a potential Wii buyer might have.

    Can the Wii Play my DVDs?

    • No. The Wii can only read Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube discs. However, the Wii can play audio and video from an SD card (an external storage device used to increase the storage capacity of certain electronics). On the front of the Wii is an SD card slot. Using the "Wii Photo Channel," you can play and share photos, music and video.

    What's Unique About the Wii?

    • The Nintendo Wii gets the gamer more involved with the game by having them physically act out the commands that are played out on screen. Gamers looking to be more involved with their games or who want a different kind of experience control-wise may want to check out the Wii. The other systems do feature motion support, but they are not nearly as in depth or integrated as well as the Wii, which bases its entire system around motion control.

    How Is the Online Support?

    • Using the "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection," the Wii can download full (retro) games, browse the Internet and, of course, play certain games online. The Wi-Fi Connection is a free service, but there are costs associated with downloading certain "Wii Channels" and game content (e.g. song downloads on Rock Band). "Wii Points" must be used to purchase any content from the Wi-Fi Connection.


    • All console and game prices gradually get lower from the time of their release. However, the Nintendo Wii has historically been the cheaper system compared to the PlayStation and Xbox. High-end games for other consoles are generally released at the $59.99 range, while high-end games for the Wii have never been more than $49.99 (excluding special editions and games that include peripherals).

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