How to Fix a Subaru Exhaust System

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    • 1). Raise the car up on wheel ramps, one for each wheel, which any auto shop will have. Use a flashlight to inspect the exhaust tube the runs from the forward engine bay to the rear muffler. Look for any obvious breaches in the tubing, which will have soot exhaust stains surrounding the hole. Also look for rusted or broken attachment straps that hold the tubing in place. If the strap is broken, then the metal strip will be hanging low, with a ragged edge when it's separated.

    • 2). Clean the exhaust soot from around the hole with water and then thoroughly dry off. Wrap aluminum tape around the hole. Be careful to wrap several inches forward and behind the breach. Once there is a full covering on the hole, wrap another layer with diagonal strips. Finally, wrap a final layer with diagonal strips going perpendicular to the previous layer.

    • 3). Remove the broken strap with your wrench set. The exact wrench size needed will depend on the model and year. If the bolts are not damaged, it is okay to reuse them. Set them aside if they are damaged. Wrench in a replacement strap, which can be bought from a Subaru dealership. You do not need to be afraid about over tightening the strap if it is done by hand. If using a machine, you need to stop once the power tool's clutch disengages.

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