Freelander by Land Rover - How to Carry Out Essential Maintenance and Repairs

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Freelander is a model manufactured by Land Rover.
It is a small 4x4 car that is suited to both tarmac and off road use.
It is not however a go anywhere 4x4 as it does not have a low ratio gearbox like some of it's bigger brothers such as the Defender and Range Rover.
It will get you off a muddy field with ease and an amazingly long way off the beaten track.
Freelander vehicles come in a range of engine sizes from the 1.
8 petrol to the v6 petrol as well as the BMW sourced TD4 diesel engine.
The Freelander also came with either a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed automatic gearbox.
The Freelander model was first launched in 1997 in three body styles, 3-door hardback, 3-door softback and 5-door station wagon.
There were then two trim levels which were the 'I' for petrol and 'DI' for diesel and the 'XEI' for petrol and 'XEDI' for diesel.
The differences are in the higher spec models having 16" alloy wheels, ABS and Hill descent control, uprated ICE, passenger airbag and air con.
It rapidly became Land Rover's most popular model.
Freelander was designed from the outset to deliver car-like levels of ride and handling on-road whilst achieving Land Rover's world-renowned off-road performance.
Over 80% of all owners of 4WD models of all makes of Freelander have no previous experience of 4WD.
They move over from 2WD vehicles and become very loyal to the new brand.
Over the years there have been minor updates and the Freelander 2 was launched in 2006.
Like most cars, Land Rover Freelanders have standard problems and faults.
It is possible, with the correct information, to carry out maintenance and repair work on a Freelander yourself.
It is always useful to gain as much knowledge as possible to enable you to carry out these essential repairs.
If you are unable to fix the vehicle yourself then at least you are able to understand what the repair garage is talking about when they tell you what is wrong.
So if you are having a problem with your Freelander then you need to find a resource to get the information you are looking for.
Freelander information regarding everything from Transmission, Engine, Interior, Exterior, Electrics, Body work, IRD, Gearbox and Diffs problems are all easily available online.
You can find information about standard Freelander Faults and how to fix them.
You can also find information on how to enhance your Freelander with fog lights, cup holders and roof rails as well as advice on modifying your rear lights to improve visibility.
In these times of financial difficulty, every penny counts and carrying out the essential maintenance and repairs on your Freelander yourself makes good financial sense.
You can make a great deal of savings if you don't have to pay a garage to carry out the work.
Anyone with a little knowledge of mechanics or someone who is keen to learn the basics would be advised to search out internet sites for the information.
Not only will you make savings but it can also be very rewarding.
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