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How to Make a 3D Animal Cell With Styrofoam & Colored Paper

Animal cells are extremely small, and can only be seen with a magnifier such as a microscope. Cells have a membrane, which covers the outside of the cell, and an inner part called the nucleus, which contains genetic material. The remaining parts of the cell are referred to as the cytoplasm. The cyto

How to Identify Ming Porcelain Characteristics

China's Ming dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644. In terms of porcelain manufacture, this period is associated with a high level of technical and artistic refinement, with production centered around the imperial ceramic factory in Jiangxi province. Wares ranged from small wine bowls and so-called stem

How to Make Paper Angels

Whether for Christmas or any other time of the year, you can make these paper angels to give your home a heavenly touch. This is a great project to do with your children. It's fast and easy, and in no time you can have a whole host of angels adorning your home.

How to Dry Brush Highlights in Acrylic Decorative Painting

A blending error in your acrylic painting can result in a total ruin of your work of art. Drybrushing is a highlighting technique that will solve this problem. Smooth blending, for example, involves merging wet paints together and is exceptionally technical and difficult to accomplish. Drybrushing r

How to Make Knot Key Rings

Custom-made key rings can help you display your creativity every day. You can make decorative knot key rings in a variety of patterns with several different knots, so be sure to experiment with your string and key ring as you go. It may be difficult to get the hang of the knots the first time, so tr

Types of Cross-Stitch Material

Cross-Stitchembroidery 3 image by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen from Fotolia.comCounted cross-stitch is an enjoyable needlepoint craft. The needlework is all done in simple tiny crosses or X-shapes which combine to create a picture. Counted cross-stitch is used for wall hangings, clothing...

How to Tea-Stain Posterboard

Create an antique look on a piece of poster board with tea. Tea gives paper a brownish tint. The exact shade depends on the type of tea used. For example, if you use a red-tinted tea, the stain will have that tint. After the poster board is wet, it can rip easily so do not move it. White poster boar

How to Create a Sweatshirt

Making a sweatshirt is often one of the first projects taught to beginners in sewing, due to the simple design and fit of the garment, and also because it teaches beginners all of the basics of sewing clothing. The classic sweatshirt is a loose, long-sleeved shirt made from warm, comfortable fabric

How to Sew a Locker Organizer

Lockers can get pretty messy and disorganized when students only have a few minutes to go between classes. Locker organizers are a good solution to this problem. They are easy to reach and have different pockets and compartments for all of your locker needs. Making your own locker organizer is eas

How to Paint Sneakers

You can transform plain canvas sneakers with a few paints, brushes and accessories. This tutorial will explain an easy, effective method to paint sneakers and shoelaces that will maintain the paint for a long time. You can add your own personal touch by using your favorite colors and unique patterns

How to Make a Hand Puppet

This simple hand puppet can be made from any type of fabric you like. Try using felt or cloth for people puppets and an appropriately colored fake fur for animal puppets.

Woodworkers' Guide for Making a Quilt Rack

Quilt making is a longstanding tradition of making beautiful bedspreads and coverings out of throwaway fabric scraps and tattered clothing. Displaying heirloom-quality quilts upon their very own quilt rack serves as a decorative home accessory as well as a secure place to neatly store quilts when no

Handmade Mug Rack

A handmade mug rack is a way to keep coffee mugs handy on the kitchen counter while still taking up a minimum amount of space. It also offers a way for you to display your mugs, and means you don’t have to bend or stretch to retrieve them from a cupboard or cabinet. Making one yourself allows

How to Make a Vest From a Brown Paper Bag

Whether you need an accessory for a cowboy costume or you're looking for something creative to do with your kids, consider making a vest from brown paper bag. Not only will this project allow the craft makers to express their creativity, but it also serves as a prop for imaginative play. With a few

Beautiful & Easy Earrings to Make

You can make beautiful earrings in minutes with the right supplies and techniques. You don't need any special skills or expensive equipment. For dangling earrings, select small beads and/or lightweight accents, such as plastic seashells or leaves. For stud earrings, select pretty stones or beads. Ma

How to Crochet a Towel Holder

When cooking or doing anything in a kitchen, having a towel within reach is essential. Finding a place for a towel holder, however, can be difficult in a busy kitchen. You can crochet a towel holder for your stove handle in a yarn color that matches your kitchen decor. It can easily be removed for w

Video: Exposing Your Screen

Video Transcript In this video, we're going to review exposing your screen. Once you have applied the photo emulsion on both sides of your screen and it is completely dry, you're ready to expose it. It's best done on a light table, but you can do it with a basic lamp as well. Or you...

How to Tie a Floral Bow Out of Ribbon

Put the finishing touches on a floral arrangement by tying a decorative bow from ribbon. Tying a bow is simple, and it adds style instantly to centerpieces, bouquets and corsages. When selecting the ribbon for your floral bow, coordinate the ribbon's color to the arrangement, and choose a width and

How to Make Long Necklaces

A long necklace is a versatile accessory. It can be draped with a scarf, layered with other necklaces or wrapped into multiple strands. Create a high-fashion runway look with supplies from your local crafts store. Short on time? Purchase several chain necklaces and attach the clasps to each into one