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How to Change the Crankshaft Sensor in a Jeep Auto

The computer on your Jeep vehicle uses the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor to monitor crankshaft position and speed. Changing the unit may seem simple at first. After all, it only has one or two bolts or nuts. Still, depending on your particular Jeep model, replacing the unit requires careful atten

How to Change Rear Brakes on a 1999 Ford Zx2

The rear brakes on your Ford Focus ZX2 are drum brakes. This type of brake system uses a wheel cylinder that presses two brake shoes against a rotating brake drum to slow and stop the vehicle. The rear brakes also act as the parking brake for the car. The rear brake shoes won't require replacement a

How to Change the Blinker Bulb on a 1999 Jetta

All bulbs go out over time, and eventually, your turn signal blinker bulbs will go as well. When they do go out, the first sign usually is a rapidly blinking turn signal indicator on your dashboard when you put on the turn signal switch. These bulbs are a standard size so there's no problems finding

How to Replace the Tie Rods on a 2002 Buick Regal

The 2002 model year Buick Regal was equipped with a power-assisted steering gear that actuates the rack-and-pinion steering system. Pressurized hydraulic fluid is delivered by the power-steering pump to the steering gear. Steering-wheel motion is boosted and transferred to the tie rods, which contro

How to Adjust a KM175 Servo

Automatic transmissions and transaxles are required to smoothly adjust to a wide range of changes in speed and acceleration. When your vehicle is at normal road speed and the accelerator is suddenly pressed hard, a component called the kickdown servo automatically downshifts your transmission to pro

How to Repair a Muffler with Tape

After you've owned a car for a few years, the muffler may be in need of minor repair. It might be damaged by impact with debris on the road or could fall victim to the corrosive effects of rust. A small hole in the muffler can be repaired using muffler tape. This tape is designed to bond to the meta

2005 Chevrolet Impala Maintenance Concerns

The 2005 Chevy Impala has maintenance requirements like any other vehicle. Most vehicle problems seem to occur after 60,000 miles of driving. These maintenance issues typically stem from factory parts wearing out too soon, which necessitates the need for extensive and expensive repairs to...

How to Install ATV Brake Pads

Good brakes are essential for competitive ATV use. So, if your ATV's brake pads are old and worn, don't think twice about replacing them. New brake pads come cheaply and can be installed by those without much mechanical knowledge.

How to Clean Vinyl Car Seats

Most people can remember the last time they washed the outside of their car. Fewer people can remember when they last cleaned the interior upholstery of their car. This is often more likely to be true if the seats are vinyl instead of cloth. Vinyl (like leather) is prone to cracking, especially duri

HID Lights Offer Unique Look to Your Vehicle

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are very powerful than the ordinary headlights. These days, you can see these lights in many sports cars. HID lights can enhance the looks of your car.

Tips In Getting Your Car Fixed

Cars are really important in this day and age. It can be quite challenging not to have one these days because public commute can be really tiring and time consuming. Cars give you so much ...

How to Customize a Headliner in a Chevrolet HHR

The Chevrolet HHR is an SUV with a large headliner. The headliner is smooth and plain with only a few vents and two cargo lights. The standard design is plain, but has enough room and open space to be easily customized to fit your style. Customizing a headliner requires the headliner to be completel

How to Repair a Headlight

As with any machine that is used day to day, cars are vulnerable to normal wear and tear. Occasionally the headlights on a motor vehicle will need to be repaired or replaced. It is important to exercise caution whenever touching a car's electrical equipment. Upgrading the headlight system from an ol

How to Remove the Door Pad on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier

Door pads are more often referred to as door panels or inside-door panels. These pads or panels cover up the hardware and electrical components inside your door, such as the window regulator, rail, and door lock rods and actuators. The pad also covers your door speakers. If you wish to access any of

How to Calculate Wheel Horsepower to a Crank All-wheel Drive

Throughout most of automotive history, the only way to test a vehicle's horsepower output was to pull out the engine and bolt it to an engine dynamometer. In the early 1980s, a man named Mark Dobeck built the very first chassis dyno, which was essentially just a very heavy steel drum set with its to

How Do I Replace Harley Davidson Brake Pads?

Harley-Davidson utilizes a hydraulic disc brake system on all of their motorcycles. The brakes consist of rotor, caliper and brake pads. If the thickness of the pads falls below 1/16-inch, then all of the pads should be replaced as a set. The length of time it takes to replace both the front and

How do I Replace a Sheared Pin on Johnson Outboard 4Hp?

A sheared drive pin can strand you, your propeller shaft spinning merrily as your propeller doesn't turn. The drive pin that turns the propeller on Johnson 4-horsepower outboard motor's propeller shaft is held to the shaft by the propeller. The propeller is secured to the propeller shaft by a cotter