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Mainstreaming Your Job Search With Your Social Media Resume

If you're not using social networking and social media to help you with your job-search efforts, you're just sitting on the side of a river, watching job opportunities rushing by. Using only or mostly more traditional job seeking efforts and posting to online job boards is akin to sitting

Sales Recruitment in the Construction Industry

Sales Recruitment in the construction industry is tough on candidates at the current time and this is simply from the amount of quality candidates in the marketplace. Due to the downturn in the UK market ...

The Ethical Use of Computers in the Workplace for Workers

Computer ethics in the workplace is a relatively new, but quickly growing field of study. As computers become more prevalent in the workplace, more organizations publish official codes of ethics that cover computer use. The rapid advances in technology can sometimes leave ethical considerations behi

Esources Complaints—Not Backed By Proof

It is good to be alert about scams, and it is a smart idea to investigate esources complaints. But, you also have to keep in mind that many esources complaints are not backed by proof. ...

Chief Machinery Engineer Job Description

Modern ships utilize complex machinery and state-of-the-art computers. Through damage and general wear and tear, much of this machinery needs highly trained engineers in order to repair these pieces of equipment. Supervising these engineers is the chief engineer, who has acquired knowledge of all as

Record Label Software

Record label software helps many labels stay on top of all of the jobs they have to juggle. Find out what is record label software and how it may be able to help you.

Free CNA Training And Programs

There are Free CNA Training programs which are suitable for everyone who dreams about being a professional Certified Nursing Assistant and they are free of charge. As usual Free CNA Training classes are organized by hospitals, the vocational training organizations and through online courses of study

Atlantic Records Profile

Atlantic Records has a tremendously rich musical history. The label is responsible for introducing listeners to extremely important artists, especially in the jazz, soul and R&B genres. Although Atlantic rests firmly under the major label umbrella today, for much of its history, it thrived as an ind

Use Action Research To Help Your Career Advancement

For people not embroiled in the world of research, it seems a strange suggestion to use a standard research practice to enhance your career. Nevertheless that is what this article intends to do. Because action research has proven itself "a tool for complex times," great success can be enjo

How to Generate Real Estate Leads

Even if the real estate market were doing well, finding quality leads can be a difficult task. However, there are several simple tasks you can take to help increase your chances of bringing in new sales. The following are some best ways for generating real estate leads for free.

How to Turn That Job Layoff Into a Positive Part of Your Resume

You've been laid off from your job for no fault of your own.These things happen to many people as evidenced by the American auto industry at this very moment.It is hard to explain a length of unemployment to a prospective employer without making excuses.What if there was a way to bring out the

Pararescue Job Description

Pararescuemen are members of the U.S. Air Force. They are an important part of the military, because they take part in search and rescue operations. The job requires extensive training and dangerous missions.

Same Sex Harassment Suits

The court systems are now seeing many cases of same sex sexual harassment suits being filed and the most recent one was at a Mc Donalds restaurant in Albuquerque, NM. It was settled for $90,000 when the manager harassed a group of male teenagers to touching body parts and requesting sex from each of

Reasons for Interim Secret Clearance Denials

Interim secret clearance allows an individual temporary access to classified thinking about internet security image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comMany reasons exist for the denial of an interim, or temporary, secret security clearance. Also known as an "eligibility...

Two Keys to Effective Weight Loss

Somewhere there is a key to losing weight, but you just haven't found it yet. You want to feel good and look good. But, when you look in the mirror you see unsightly bulges that weren&#03

Online Career College

Most people have not seen an economic situation like the world is facing right now. The online career college seems to be the focus of many people as they are looking for new avenues of ...

Sand Sailors

The crisp staccato of an M-16 rings out, punctuated by the ominous cannonade of several more machine guns and explosions. But, wait a minute. Sailors abandoning the relative safety of their ships to walk around with weapons among improvised explosive devices (IED), ride in convoys and clear building

Job Interview Secrets and Tips

After weeks or even months of searching for a new job, you are scheduled for an interview. While exciting, job interviews are often one of the most stressful situations individuals face during their career. Knowing how to prepare mentally and emotionally for an interview is key. Proper, thorough pre