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The Importance Of Computer Help Services For Homes, Businesses And Individuals

Be it at home, in the office or in remote and ever changing locations, computer help services are essential technical services to provide software and hardware guidance onsite or remotely. It is a helpful service to ensure that the computer works properly, is protected and free from all possible thr

Wholesale Laptops

Purchasing wholesale laptops is an income saver to a buyer.With the great popularity of laptops in business and entertainment, wholesale laptops have also become popular. Retailers, institutes, industry related establishments, and professional business users purchase bulk amount of laptops from whol

How to Make a Video With a Web Cam

Web cams allow users to instantly communicate with their friends and family. While these cameras can be used for live video conferencing, they can also be used to record video that can be posted online or edited together for more complex works. Using a Web cam and some additional software, video can

How to Secure USB Data

USB flash drives may contain extremely sensitive and valuable information. Most common personal flash drives are not coupled with any software-based or hardware-based security measures. Without security measures, the data held within the flash drive is vulnerable to theft. Even with software encrypt

How Do I Get Mobile 6 to Connect Through USB to the Internet?

Windows Mobile 6.0 is a program that lets you use Windows programs on your cell phone. You can easily download Windows Mobile to any of the program's supported cell phones to check and send emails or browse the Internet on your phone. If you have a phone that can support a USB cord, you can also eas

Lexmark X5650 Cartridge

One of Lexmark's more recent additions to its multi-function range aimed at students and for the home is the #X5650#.It can print, scan, copy and fax.The #X5650# looks quite plain.On the front is a control panel with a small LCD screen and a number of buttons to operate the various functions.Th

How to Change a Cyrus Mailbox Quota

Cyrus is an email program developed at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994. It is a Unix-based application, so users enter commands by typing them at a command-line prompt. Cyrus is a scalable email system that can be used for organizations of various sizes, including universities and large businesse

Budget PC Upgrades

Upgrading your PC without spending a lot of money can involve some tricky decisions. Aim too high, and you won't be able to afford the upgrade without exceeding your budget. Aim too low, and you ...

How to Mount an SD Card

When talking about a computer storage drive or device, the term "mount" means that you're making that device accessible to the Windows operating system. If you're talking about an internal hard drive, for example, that drive is mounted every time you turn on your machine because it is permanently co

How to Backup a DNS 2003 Server

The Windows 2003 server operating system provides you with a utility that enables quick backups without manually copying the DNS settings. The wizard allows you to back up DNS files as well as other resources to an external location or to external media. This is beneficial for network administrators

How to Defrag a VMWare Image

VMWare's virtual operating platform gives you a wide range of options for installing operating systems and using various file system formats. Both the guest operating system and the host operating system may run file systems that are prone to file fragmentation. Since VMWare operating system "hard d

How to Overclock a Dell Dimension 8100

The Dell Dimension 8100 is a desktop computer which utilizes an older Pentium 4 processor. Overclocking this computer refers to the process of increasing the speed at which the CPU runs, eking additional performance out of an aging machine. Dell's BIOS on the system motherboard locks out the option

HP Pavilion 513X Troubleshooting

The HP Pavilion 513X features an optical drive for use with optical discs such as CDs and DVDs. In some computer programs, you can eject a disc from the optical drive without pressing the physical eject button. If you try to eject the disc in a program and the drive does not open, try pressing the e

Conversion Calculator Tools

Conversion calculators help you convert measurements and currencies from one measuring system to another.Ludovic Di Orio/Goodshoot/Getty ImagesConversion calculators help you convert one measuring system into another. For example, if you want to know how many meters are in a mile, then...

How to Change the Administrator Password in the Recovery Console

Recovery console is a feature that allows you to repair and restore your computer to functionality if the operating system stops working. The feature allows you to copy a file from the CD-ROM to replace a damaged file or to configure services that are keeping your PC from starting up efficiently. Th

How to Connect a PC Card

PC cards, also known as PCMCIA cards, are plug-in modules that contain devices such as a modem, network adapter, sound card, solid state disk or hard disk, according to PC Magazine Encyclopedia. You can access a wireless Internet connection from a laptop by connecting a new PC card to your notebook.

Advent Ink Cartridges in Cork

Trying to buy and Advent ink cartridge in Cork generally means making your way to the local PC World or Currys store to pick the black and colour cartridges. Advent is a popular make and ...

How to Upgrade RAM on a Toshiba Satellite

The more RAM a computer has to operate, the better it will function. RAM is important for running memory-intensive programs, such as photo- and video-editing software. Upgrading your RAM on a Toshiba Satellite isn't a difficult process, and by doing it yourself, you can save a little bit of money. T