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How to Change the Color of a Table

A table on a web page is created using the HTML <TABLE> tag. It consists of rows and columns, like a spreadsheet. Color can be added to the TABLE, TR (row), and TD (cell) tags separately. This can be done with the HTML attribute "bgcolor," which although deprecated is still recognized by web b

Start Developing Your Own Android Application

Android application development is an interesting job when developer has complete knowledge about the operating system, development procedures and is well-versed with complete development guide.

How to Learn a Flash Program

Flash programs are used to display animated objects on the web with Adobe Flash. Over the years, Flash has transitioned from earlier versions like Flash 5 to newer versions. As of 2009, the most current version of Flash is Adobe Flash CS4. Learning a Flash program is hands-on, and you can learn how

How to Convert PDF to JPG 64-Bit

Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) allows text- and image-based documents to be viewed on any combination of computer software, hardware and operating system, as long as the computer has Adobe Reader software installed. While the format works well for viewing, printing and transferring documents

Solve Your PC Issues Without Having to Spend Much

There are many ways you can have your computer working as fast as it used to when you first bought it. You have so many options to choose from and all of them won't cost you a thing. Here you will learn how you can easily go about fixing a slow PC without having to spend a dime.


Define UNC - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Find the Product Key for Microsoft Office License 2007

All editions of Microsoft Office 2007 require the entry of a 25-character product key during the setup process. This key works as a piracy deterrent, since it can only be used to activate a single Office 2007 installation. Find the key on the back of the Office 2007 installation disc case if you pur

Should You Employ a Registry Cleaner?

There is feedback on blogs/forums etc. through which users of Registry Cleaners have reported issues after they have run a registry repair. Whilst this may be correct, taking into account the quantity of Registry Cleaner ...

The Advantages of Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET Framework, released in February 2002, provided a base for dynamic applications that unites most programming languages under one common set of functions. Each of these functions belongs to a namespace--a classification for different types of functions. Most of the framework...

How to Fix a Backdoor Trojan

The backdoor SDBot Trojan was created by a hacker who wanted to control computers using the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol. Basically, the backdoor Trojan installs itself in your computer through a shared file and doesn't call any attention to itself, making it hard to detect. Your computer, thr

Fax Cover Sheet Ideas

Make sure your fax is preceded by a proper fax cover sheet.fax image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.comIt may seem like communications are moving into an all electronic and digital world, with email attachments, texts and e-readers covering more and more documentation capabilities....

6 Best Practices For Android App Development

With more and more companies entering the app market, mobile app development on Android has become both challenging and competitive. So enterprises, nowadays, must implement several best practices to effectuate their mobile application development.

Directory Software - The Top Quality Software

The internet users can choice business related directory that offers various listings of business. Directory software helps internet users in a perfect manner.

How to Reduce JPEG Size With Software

Short for Joint Photographic Experts Group, JPEG is a digital image format primarily used for the presentation of photographic images. It is the format most widely used by digital cameras, and most often selected to transmit images on the Web. All image editing software, including Adobe's popular Ph

How to Use the Drawing Toolbar in PowerPoint

The Microsoft PowerPoint Drawing toolbar is a useful feature that you can use to quickly apply and change the style of objects in your PowerPoint presentation. With the Drawing toolbar, you can add an object such as a shape or a picture and then change the way that object looks. Follow the steps bel

The Importance of a Primary Key

Modern relational database systems are used to enter, organize and report on all sorts of data. Before considering what sort of software you might use, you should understand the various ways that your data could potentially be organized. In 1978, Dr. Peter Pin-Shan Chen of MIT wrote a crucial paper

How to Optimize Your Computer

Is your computer running slow? It must be annoying when you have to sit and wait for your computer to respond. Your may lose some of your information when your computer freezes up all of a sudden. When suffering from computer problems, people tend to think that their computers need to be replaced. H