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How to Change an EPS File Extension

The file extension .EPS stands for "encapsulated postscript file." The file type is a vector image format that contains the images, graphics and text that make up a digital vector design. EPS files are not only compatible with multiple graphics programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and

Staff Management Software - Can it Really Help?

If you own are manage any type of business that has employees then you certainly are aware of the difficulties of staff management. Scheduling and payroll alone can take up a good amount of your time that would be much better of spent tending to the business of making money. Can Staff Management Sof

How to Create an Arrow Object in Adobe Fireworks CS3

Sometimes you need to make an arrow to point out something on a chart or to show the flow of progression in a presentation. It can take a bit to draw one by hand, but there's an easy shape creator in Adobe Fireworks CS3 that allows you to just paste an arrow right into the project you're working wit

Website Security: Potency Of Ssl Certificate

SSL certificates protect websites from fraud by securing that a web server sending a certificate to a browser is the right web server, and it makes it impossible to intercept important data or messages.

How to Put a Texture in a Picture in GIMP

Images composed of small repeating units are called textures or patterns. The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, has a library of dozens of these textures, including wood grains, leopard skin, leaves, lightning and abstract geometric shapes. Although they are images, GIMP treats them in the sa


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How to Convert Microsoft Works Files to Adobe

Microsoft Works is a suite of applications installed with the Windows operating system versions marketed to home users. Microsoft Works includes a word processor, calendar and organization tools for home management. To convert a Microsoft Works document to an Adobe Portable Document Format document,

ACT! Hosting - Makes ACT! Work The Way You Want!!

ACT! Hosting solution frees you from maintaining any dedicated in-house IT staff, and reduces your costs of infrastructure and maintenance, because everything is taken care of by host's exper

The Use of Microsoft Excel in the Office Environment

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Its many features coupled with the marketing efforts of its manufacturer have made it the most popular spreadsheet in the business world. Employees from data-entry clerks to high-level executives will find man

Understand Scrolling Behavior of Your Visitors Mouse

Various forms of online website evaluation will make it easy for the people who have launched new website recently and now it has become quite easy for those people as it will become the ideal ...

How To Configure ZoneAlarm Free Edition For Use With A Network

ZoneAlarm Free Edition works well on a stand-alone PC and is an excellent personal firewall. However, if you connect that same PC to a network (with another PC or laptop) you'll soon realise that ZoneAlarm will not let you see or access your network.

How to Install Rosetta Stone on a Mac

Rosetta Stone is a widely popular language education program available on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Its dynamic learning environment and user-friendly interface allow users to learn a second language the way they learned their original, by matching foreign language with actions and objec

Grid Technology

Grid technology refers to the various forms of grid computing, which is a type of computer organization that allows multiple computers to work together. While this sounds like another version of the Internet, grid computing is much more specific, and requires its own specific software to accomplish

How to Remove an XP Virus

Owning a computer with Windows XP can provide countless hours of productivity, entertainment and communication. While owning a computer is convenient, it can be susceptible to computer viruses that are transmitted on websites and via email. A virus can make your computer run slowly or corrupt import

How to Hide Columns in Grid View

The "GridView" object is programmed for .NET websites to list records of information. The GridView lists records in a format similar to a spreadsheet table. The GridView object gives you several options to format your data, including the ability to hide a column. You can hide a column in the Visual


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