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Soda Syphon Instructions

With a soda syphon, or seltzer bottle, you can make carbonated water at home. Homemade carbonated water, which is also called sparkling water, soda or selzer, can be mixed with flavorings to make specialty drinks, often at a lower cost than store-bought sodas. Soda syphons are containers that use c

Sip or Shoot the Dark and Fruity Zambodian

Cocktail recipe for a Zambodian, a vodka, blackberry brandy and pineapple juice shooter that can also be served in a cocktail glass and enjoyed as a sipper.

Cooking for a Crowd with Traditional British Food

Whether it is 10 or 100 guests, cooking for a crowd takes some organising. British food is great when you want to feed a crowd as there are so many dishes for sharing, and platters for everyone to dip into.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Rolls

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Rolls are made by combining two refrigerated doughs, brown sugar, pecans, and butter, and baking.

How Can You Boil Spaghetti in a Steamer Pot?

Steamer pots are good for boiling spaghetti noodles, as they allow the pasta room during the cooking process. Boiling noodles in a large vessel is important so that they don't stick together. Dry pasta expands as it cooks, making a pot with ample space necessary. Before using the pot to boil the noo

Goji Berry (lycium Barbarum)

Goji berry refers to the Chinese name for the bright orangered fruit of the woody and thorny plant (shrub) Lycium babarum. In English, it is commonly known by the name wolfberry. L. barbarum is one of the 90 species of the genus Boxthorn (Lycium in latin) in the Solanaceae family (other plants in th

How to Send Wine Interstate

A visit to the vineyards of New England or California can yield some tasty finds, but getting the bottles back home can be a challenge. Many states don't allow direct-from-the-vintner wine shipment across a state border, while others do. No state allows a private individual to ship wine in any circu

How to Make Decorative Icing

Decorative icing is used to pipe borders, designs and lettering onto cakes and other baked goods. The type used by bakeries is usually a thick, fluffy combination of sugar and shortening. Another type of decorative icing uses egg whites instead of shortening to give the frosting volume. It dries ver

Guide for Buying Cookers

Freestanding cookers are an ideal choice if your cooker has to fit between kitchen units with restricted space. But which cooker should you choose to suit your needs? Gas or electric, twin oven or sin