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The Diverse 90s - Classic Songs From Grunge to Teen Pop Madness

The 90s were certainly a strange period in the history of music. Perhaps this is due to the wide variety of genres and styles that emerged during the decade or perhaps it's because not one artist or genre seems to define the decade. This article explores the genres, artists and songs that defin

Rocket Piano - A Checklist of What You Are Paying For

Rocket Piano is one of the best-selling piano courses online. It is known to be extremely educational with a heavy emphasis of fun, making it the popular option for those who want to learn to play piano.

About Guitar Amp Channel Selection

Most modern guitar amplifiers have more than one channel. Usually, the channel governs the output level, amount of effect and overdrive that is applied to the guitar’s signal. The method of channel selection varies between make and model. Some amplifiers enable you to blend more than one chann

Learn To DJ Online - Learning From Video DJ Classes and Courses

With beat matching, tempo, cues, and all of the more advanced techniques, it feels like you could just drown in confusion before you really start to catch on.Now it doesn't take a lot of DJ skills to get out there and play a few top hits while fading from one to the next.Yup- we can all play a

Indie Music Industry - It's All About Community

It's a known fact that having a sense of community in our lives is very important but it's even more important for indie artists and bands.Swimming upstream can be very tiring and we need all the support and encouragement we can get.

How to Pop, Lock & Glide

Popping, locking and gliding are three separate and distinct dance styles. Popping involves the quick contracting and releasing of the muscles displaying a robotic visual effect in the moment of the "pop." The most fundamental popping move is known as the "Fresno." Locking is a funkier dance style

Play Guitar Like Hendrix

Do you want to play like Hendrix? If you do, then you need to understand the best things that concern the guitar. You must learn the best tricks and arts of the guitar for you to be able to play the guitar like Hendrix. You need to have better understanding of the guitar as you try to figure out the

How to Brand Your Music

Branding is an important aspect of the music business that is just now being explored by contemporary musicians. Through the use of themes and emotions, you can begin to mold your branding efforts to seemingly sneak your way into the fans' psyche. By having your music associated with a particular, s

Tips To Help You Learn The Guitar Fast

Have you ever had an interest in learning music? Do you know that this process can take many years of practice in order to master the many techniques? It will require you to put in a large amount of hours of practice in order to become versed in those techniques, particularly in context of learning

How to Replace or Reset a Guitar Bridge

As a guitar ages, some maintenance is required from time-to-time. Replacing or reseting your guitar bridge is required when pressure exerted on the bridge of steel strings. If the guitar bridge starts to lift or comes completely off your guitar, it needs to be reset or replaced.

How to Make Your Own Guitar Headphone Amplifier With Overdrive

Headphone guitar amplifiers are ideal for practice. But even when you're practicing you still want overdrive to add crunch to your tone. Building your own headphone guitar amplifier is a smart approach to achieving a custom tone. Using a tube amplifier headphone kit enables you to keep the sound low

Creating Music While Having Fun At The Same Time

It is quite all natural for individuals to adore music and songs. In fact, music and songs serves as a medium of conveying their inner thoughts and feelings to people. And through the years, advanceme

Best Clue Of Power Amplifiers Manufacturer

Power amplifier is accessible in the commercial center in an extensive number of assorted shapes and sizes. Subsequently, obtaining the perfect amp may well not be that simple. On this page, I'm going to give ...

The Best Guitar Solos to Learn to Improve Your Playing Ability and Technique

Many guitarists understand the benefits of learning lots of guitar solos to expand their repertoire but what are the best guitar solos to learn to improve your ability and technique? As a professional guitar player and teacher I have never advocated the learning of guitar solos note for note as a so

Facts About Being a Music Producer

Being a music producer can be a good way to get into the music business if you don't have the training or ability to play an instrument or sing. The producer is the "general" in a recording session. As a producer, you'll be in charge of most of the recording session's details. You'll also be respons

Online Singing Lessons Reviews - Help Yourself Make Right Decision

The internet has opened up many doors in the education world. You can teach yourself just about anything if you have an internet connection. In fact, there are so many sources out there that can help you to learn to sing, it is very important that you read through reviews and testimonials to make su

Master Percussionist Performs This Month at Tamarind Art Council

A man who creates his musical instruments on the run, passionate about drumming or anything to do with percussion. It is the spirit of innovation that is a hallmark of Sivamani's work. For over three decades Sivamani has been a composer for Indian films and has performed in many solo concerts a