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The Benefits Of A Coupon Site

Mass printed coupons were a rage during the 80s and the 90s. People had to cut these coupons right out from the papers in order to make good use of them.

Speaking Body Language

Body language is an important part of every communication which, according to at least one study, accounts for around 55% of what we are communicating. (The other constituents from the same study are the 'Way We Speak' 38% and the 'Words We Use' 7%) so if you wish to communicate

Rewriting Articles Is Plagiarism

Rewriting articles and content is a fast, easy way to make money. It's a common practice in the freelance writing industry - and it's wrong. If you're a serious freelance writer, take a look at what rewriting really is and avoid being a thief.

5 Great Do-it-yourself Grammar Websites

I'm not always grammatically correct and I often question whether or not I have chosen the correct word, punctuation or sentence structure. I also use the internet every day and so naturally whenever I have a question I head on over to Google (or open Firefox where Google is my homepage) and do

How to Reference a Film in MLA

When you're researching a subject for a class assignment, you can go beyond the traditional sources, such as books and academic journal articles. Referencing a film that relates to your topic can be an original and often useful source. If you're in the liberal arts field, your professor likely wants

The 5 Most Frequent Blunders Made When Creating A Love Poem

People have been writing poems about love for millennia. Brilliant men in ancient Greece legendary poems about forbidden love between the Gods and mortals. The ancient Romans composed fierce love poems about romance amid war ...

How to Learn Ventriloquism Online

Ventriloquism is a form of entertainment that involves a person giving life to another object by making it talk. Usually this object is a puppet called a "ventriloquist's dummy." A ventriloquist is a person who throws his or her voice to make it appear like it is coming from another place. Usually t

Benefits of Writing in Journals

The benefits of journal writing are fairly well established due to the long history of journal writing. From Anne Frank to Di Vinci, journal writing has proven itself.

Submitting Articles Into Articles Banks

Articles Banks also known as article directories are sites on the internet where you deposit your marketing articles. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to using articles banks.

How to Be a Successful Philanthropist

As a philanthropist, you have the chance to put your money and skills to work making needed changes that will benefit others. However, good intentions do not necessarily equal good results. To be a successful philanthropist, you need to prepare with research, get good advice and be financially ready

Become An Expert Public Speaker - Rescue And Recovery

1. Rapid recovery from any situation Even the best speakers in the world sometimes get stuck - but the best speakers in the world know how to get unstuck, and FAST! There are a wealth of tools that great speakers have at their fingertips which give them total power and control over any situation.

Article Writing Guide - How to Improve the Quality of Your Articles

There are many benefits associated with being able to write higher quality articles. You will get higher approval rates from the article directories. You can also expect more traffic and sales because you are able to generate goodwill from your articles.

Freelance Writing Courses - A Best Investment For Freelance Writers

Freelance writing course is a good tool for those people who want to become successful in the field of freelancing. In present time, freelancing is very popular because many people want to be tension free from their whole day job. If you want to become a good freelance writer then, a freelance train

Article Marketing Directories - Tips on Choosing the Best Ones to Use

Article directories are some of your best allies when doing article marketing. These are the best sites where you should publish your articles to in order to make them available in the online arena. Right now, there are thousands of directories in the World Wide Web and choosing the ones to use can

Article Marketing Vs Pay Per Click For Long Term Success

If you want long terms success and you have to choose article marketing vs. Pay per click, what would you choose? It is not all that difficult of a choice to make once you know the pros and cons of both these marketing tools. But one thing is certain, you have to use one or the other, both can be be