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Ride a Motorcycle Through Your Cake Cutting Ceremony

Searching for a novel wedding cake topper to show everyone how fun loving and free spirited you are? Or, do you want to give your ceremony an edge? You need not look any further than the biker cake topper.

How to Plan a Wedding - 6 Important Points

Planning a wedding involves making lots of decisions, and depending your wedding date, the process of planning can be hectic to say the least. This is why you need all the help you can get in terms of ideas and activities that will help you plan your wedding with ease.

Wedding Bands and Music - The List of Do Not's

There might have been times when you attended a wedding and find the wedding band to be performing all topsy-turvy. The expression on the faces of the couple and the guests might have made you feel sy

Wedding Dresses that Don't Skimp on Detail

No matter how simple or elaborate the gown, any bride is sure to shine on her wedding day. But for women who appreciate delicate detailing like lace, beads and sequins, there are a variety of styles a

Home School Graduation Wording Ideas

A student who is graduating from home school education is warranted a celebration for his academic accomplishments as a student graduating from traditional schooling is. Since friends and family members will not be able to refer to local news sources and postings regarding the date of your intended

Sample Of Maid Of Honor Speech

Congratulations on being chosen as the bridesmaid, this is truly an honor. As you likely know already, probably the major duty of a maid of honor is making the speech prior to the toast. Now don't despair. Below are some tips to help you, plus a sample maid of honor speech which can give you so

A Wedding Night to Remember

This article discusses all of the necessary things needed to organize a wedding. Using a caterer can make a wedding much more elegant and can create less to do for the bride and groom.

Walk Down The Aisle In A Vintage Wedding Dress

You will rarely find a girl who doesn't grow up thinking about the big day when she would tie the knot with her prince charming! Every girl loves to imagine how stunning and ravishing she would look on her wedding day! And why not? It is you day and you have every right to outshine all others p

Key West Destination Wedding

So he finally popped the question and now you are engaged. Congratulations! Of course now you have a lot to do as you plan for that wedding in the future. Have you decided where to ...

How to Make Sugar Cubes for a Baby Shower

Baby shower sugar cubes are simple, homemade sugar cubes molded into baby-themed shapes and decorated with food coloring or royal icing. Tint the shapes with food coloring to incorporate them into the color scheme of the event and fill a sugar bowl with the tasty shapes to use in place of regular su

How to Make Family Christmas Party Invitations

You don't have to settle for store-bought cards at the party supply store---create handmade invitations for your Christmas party that express your family's personality and reflect the tone of the occasion. Combine basic craft supplies like cardstock, glitter glue and stickers with personal touches l

How to Get Static Out of a Silk Wedding Dress

Static cling on a silk wedding dress can turn a blushing bride into a frantic and irritated one, constantly pulling at the dress where it is clinging to her body. According to Real Simple, static occurs when fabrics rub against each other in a dry environment, accumulating electric charges. Some fab

Miniature Foods for a Children's Party

It's difficult to get children to stop and eat when they are distracted by the excitement of a party. When planning the menu, create fare that will catch the interest of your young guests. Select food items that are traditionally considered kid-friendly, such as meatballs and macaroni and cheese. Th

Paying Attention To The Seasons And Choosing The Right Garden Wedding Favors

If the flowers are blooming and the gardens are filling with bright green leaves and grass, then surely it must be spring time. This is the time of year in which baby animals come out of hibernation to play, and also the time of year where you can attend parades with floats that are decked out in br

Tips On Finding Your Wedding Cake Bakery In Vegas Without Being There

Because most people who get married in Las Vegas do not actually live in that city, they are faced with having to make some very important decisions about the wedding event without actually meeting the people who will be providing the Las Vegas unique wedding cakes to them.

Honeymoon Cruises in Texas

Cruise ships leave from Texas for romantic honeymoon ship and sail boat image by robert lerich from Fotolia.comTexas honeymooners hoping to leave on a dream cruise without flying to an East or West Coast cruise port can choose Galveston for cruise departures to...

Guide to Choosing Your Flowers

When brides think of wedding flowers, they will think first of the bouquet they will use for the event that will even coordinate with their pearl bridal jewelry []. But of course, it is still ...