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Fatty Liver in Pregnancy Treatment

Hepatitis is the most common liver disease that affects pregnant women. Accumulation of fat in the liver cells may also be accompanied by inflammation of the liver. As this is in no way different than

Can Listening to the Gregorian Chant Help Cure Illness?

Most of us have heard the Gregorian chant, but perhaps have no idea what its origins are. In today's World music culture, the ancient Gregorian chant often is part of trendy dance music. Yet, some people claim that just listening to the Gregorian chant can actually cure illness. Can listening t

The Duration of the Fast

The duration of the fast depends upon the age of the patient, the nature of the disease and the amount and type of drugs previously used. The duration is important, because long periods of fasting can be dangerous if undertaken without competent professional guidance.

Meditation Techniques by Meditation Mania

Meditation techniques give peace and calmness in a spiritual way. It enlightens the human life. Meditation techniques nurtures and transforms the qualities of an individual by relieving him from stres

3 Tricks to Cure Anxiety and Panic Attacks Forever

In this article I will share with you 3 effective ways to cure anxiety and panic attacks. If you are suffering from anxiety at any level you know full well that it can be very hard to deal with. Try t

Successful Resolution of a Dehydration Headache

Lots of people suffer from a dehydration headache occasionally. This is a minor inconvenience. But you can suffer from them badly after you have recovered from a serious condition of dehydration.

Three Tips On How to Stop Armpit Sweating Effectively

Most of us do indeed have excessive sweating in our armpit area and when we develop armpit sweat stains it leaves us feeling self conscious and embarrassed. Many people are unaware of the fact that ex

How To Build Up Your Immune System

Manage your health well by first being able to build up your immune system. This is a crucial step to achieving a good health. A good immune system would mean that we have a healthy ...

The Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is one of the most amazing healing substances known to man. I have testimonials affirming its benefits and ability in curing many chronic diseases such as sinusitis and various infect

Learn More About Acupuncture For Fibromyalgia

This article revolves around the types of Acupuncture for fibromyalgia. Acupuncture is one of the five disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine performed in Asia for thousands of years.

Detect Water Contaminants with Watersafe Test Kits

Irrespective of the lifestyles, water forms an integral part of the daily routine. From washing, drinking and cooking €" water is extremely important. Unlike the days, when contamination was unheard of, present day water bodies ...

Bronchitis and Natural Cures

While it may be argued that homeopathy may have its place, the treatment of bronchitis is not such a situation.The reason is that bronchitis, if left on its own may develop into pneumonia.

5 Winter Health Tips That Should Keep You Safe And Healthy This Winter

Infections are caused by bacteria and viruses. These bacteria have limited resistance to heat. Most of them tend to strive well in cold environment, so it is not shocking when we realize that we are more likely to get affected by fever during the cold months of the winter. Care should be taken in sc

Aloe Vera and Its Magic

All in all there are 300 different types of molecules in the Aloe Vera according to the "The Handbook of Photochemical Constituents of GRAS Herbs and Other Economic Plants" by James A. Duke. Thus giving it a variety of effects on many different types of tissues. Throughout the centuries Al

Meditation Can Elimate Stress

Stress affects millions of people around the world daily and affects every single person periodically throughout life. Stress causes you to lose motivation and takes joy out of your life. It is proven that this ...