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Colon Cleanse - The Basics on Colon Cleansing

If you are suffering from conditions such as diverticulitis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and fatigue then chances are you are experiencing problems with your colon. Many common health problems are brought about by an unhealthy colon and the best way to keep it in good shape is through col

Sjogren Syndrome - Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Sjogren syndrome, also known as sicca complex, is a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by xerostomia (dry mouth), xerophthalmia (dry eyes) and lymphocytic infiltration of the exocrine glands. Women are more affected by this condition than men. Common signs and symptoms include dry eyes, dry m

How Aloe Vera Juice Can Help Any Condition

You already know that aloe vera is a great herbal remedy. It's a very common sunburn cure, for example. If you've ever had any type of skin infection or fungus, or maybe a bad burn, you may have treated it with aloe vera gel. It's less widely known that aloe vera juice can also be use

Treating Cellulite With Cryotherapy

When researching cryotherapy cellulite sufferers will find that there is much to gain. In fact, cellulite refers to the changes that occur in the skin of females after puberty. As women near middle-age, the skin ...

Acupuncture in Bay Area : Stay Healthy Stay Fit

Acne is a disorder of the skin oil glands (sebaceous glands) that results in plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions commonly called pimples or cysts. Acne lesions usually occur on the face, neck, back, chest, ...

Make Your Own HGH - While You Sleep!

Have you been spammed with HGH ads? Read all the promises about the "fountain of youth", better skin, better health, less body fat, and all the rest of it? Worried about the side effects and what taking HGH will do to your quest for true health and enlightenment? Worry no more. Here's

Ayurvedic Geriatric Care For an Improved Longevity

In the 21st century, we see a great decline in the fertility rate with an increased life expectancy. This gives rise to a need for the entire society to deal with the question of longevity. ...

Crystal Energy

Crystal energy can be used to increase the energies that help healing the body and mind. Unbalances in the body's energy field can be caused by the mind focusing on negative aspects. Crystal

Identifying The Home Remedies For Acid Reflux

It is often the case that people who suffer from the condition will not be aware that there are home remedies for acid reflux. The people concerned might suffer in silence and ignorance until someone ...

Top 4 Effective Tips on How to Stop Excessive Sweating

Do you want to stop excessive sweating? Well, it is one of the reasons why people who suffer from it feel uncomfortable in social gatherings. Excessive sweating, which is also called hyperhidrosis, is a major hygienic issue. People all over the world suffer from this problem and face discomfiture on

Certified Organic Skin Care Tips

Organic skin care is becoming big business. When you are choosing skin care, personal care and cosmetic products, you should become a label detective.

Natural Help For Heartburn

You've got what feels like a three-alarm fire under your ribcage or at the top of your chest.Maybe you just overindulged in a gourmet meal or knocked down a chili dog with the works.You belch; maybe drink a little water, but the fire burns on.That after-dinner hell you're experiencing is m