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Wedding Cake Tips

How can you choose one among the many cake designs and ideas that are available and at the same time keep the cost of the wedding cake at a reasonable level? Your wedding cake design ...

How to Make Butter in a Bottle

In 2010, the United States produced 1.56 billion lbs of butter from dairy farmers across the country. It takes about 21 lbs of whole milk from those farms to produce that 1 lb. of butter. If you have guests coming over or you just wish to make your very own butter spread, you can do it with two simp

Dualit 2 Slice Or 4 Slice Toaster(S) - Quality Vs Price

With the amazing quality and functionality of Dualit 2 slice or 4 slice toasters it is no wonder that this amazing kitchen appliance is quickly becoming a favorite in households around the world. These made in England toasters are like heavy duty commercial kitchen appliances but are easy to maintai

Hitachi Rice Cookers Review

If there's one thing so great about Hitachi, it most definitely will be how trusted the brand over time. It has well understood that the concept of trust comes in delivering the basic needs of people. There are countless game players in the market. While others hit grandness in packaging, there

What Are the Differences Between Vintage & Antique?

Whether the subject is collectibles, furniture, cars or electronics, you may be confused when it comes to the difference between an antique and a vintage item. These two words are often used interchangeably, but they have very different meanings. One refers to a particular style from a specific time

Video: How to Cut Onions & Lemons for Salmon

Video Transcript Chef Schmoll here on, making some delicious poached salmon. I call it poached. I'll explain later. We're going to slice an onion. We needs some onions. So this is too easy. What we're going to do is just slice off the ends here. And cut it in half....

Life's Most Important Priority

Every household faces the responsibilities of fulfilling a number of obligations. Some of these have important decisions are made daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Our eating habits should top the list of duties, because our healths are the most important priority. Without fabulous health, success

The Healthy Perks of Coffee

Move aside, apples! It's a cup of coffee per day that keeps the doctor away. Modern medical science suggests that, rather than being a nutritional villain, coffee is actually a promoter of good health. Recent ...

How to Make Nondairy Icing

Nondairy icing uses dairy-free ingredients such as soy milk and margarine instead of butter and cow's milk. It's suitable for vegans and for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. You can can do anything with nondairy icing that you would with buttercream: flavor it, color it and spread

Video: Vegetarian Moroccan Stew

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Nancy Mehagian, author of the award winning culinary memoir Siren's Feast and Edible Odyssey. Welcome to my kitchen. Today, I'd like to show you how to make a vegetarian Moroccan stew. So let's start with olive oil. So you want about four tablespoons of olive...

Sicilian Schiacciata

Something like a double-thickness, well-stuffed pizza, this ancient recipe is really a kind of substantial double-crust pie. Vary ingredients as you like, though these are fairly typical for a Sicilian recipe - food from this island is often packed with intense flavours.

Drank - The Purple Drink

This article introduces a product which has been on the market for months. I just like to make it known that it's out there.

Unique Ideas for Different Wedding Cakes

You can have your own choices for wedding cake ideas, as wedding is a special moment of your life, which will be cherished for years. So, think and make a move. The more you are ...

How to Use Crystalized Ginger

When tart, spicy ginger root is boiled in syrup and dried, then rolled in granulated sugar, it becomes crystallized ginger. This condiment and candy is eaten as a snack in many regions and is prized as a natural home remedy. Crystallized ginger's sweet-spicy flavor and chewy, moist texture works wel

History of Beer Steins

The term "stein" is the German word for "stone," though in English the term has taken on its own meaning. English speakers often use the term "beer stein" as "beer mug."

How to Blanch Chicken

Blanching is the process of submerging food in boiling water, then removing it to cold water to quickly cool. The process is most often associated with vegetables, since it produces a softened, brightly colored vegetable. However, chicken and other meats can be blanched as well. Blanched chicken qui

Enjoying 'Different' Cookies Through Gourmet Cookie Recipes

Chocolate chip cookies, raisin cookies, or wheat-based cookies are perhaps among the most loved of all time. But for anyone who wants to try something different, gourmet cookie recipes might be the one for them. As the term suggests, gourmet cookie recipes entail doing something different with the u

How to Cook a Roast in a Hurry

It can happen to anyone. You arrive home late and you have a roast to cook. Dinner time is in half an hour, and most roasts take an hour and a half to two hours to cook. Here's what to do.