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Fun Game Ideas to Play With Kids

Playing games can be a great way to connect and have fun with the children you are babysitting. Games also help to pass the time and assist energetic children in using up energy before bedtime. Be diligent in making sure that any games you plan to play with the kids are approved by their parents ahe

Book Review: The Girl’s Guide

The Girls Guide:Getting the Hang of Your Whole Complicated Unpredictable Impossibly Amazing Life is what every young woman needs for her adult life.

Packing for the Hospital

Preparing for your first child is a stressful activity, but a necessary one. Getting your home staged and baby-proofed, setting up the nursery and mentally preparing for the new arrival top a long list of ...

What Kids Buy-With Allowance, You Can Teach Positive Saving and Spending Habits

Its an all too common scenario: Child says, I want that. Mom replies, I dont have any money. Child, trying to be helpful, quickly replies, Thats OK, just use your card. Without realizing it, many moms are teaching their children to become future spendaholics. How? By acting like their childrens pers

Child and Adolescent Behavior Problems - Finding Help - Part 3 - Who's Who

If you've done your research and found a referral for mental health care, you need to determine which professional you and your child will work with. Sometimes the different letters behind professionals' names can be confusing, so this article written by a psychiatric nurse with twenty-fiv

Ideas for Unique and Personal Children's Gifts

Gift baskets make terrific gifts that are both unique and personal and they are perfect for any occasion and anybody, including children.The following suggestions offer some creative ideas for an exciting gift for the special child in your life, for holidays, birthdays, or just because.

Baby Strollers - General Tips

There are so many different makes and models of baby strollers on the market that it can be easy to get swamped with information on which ones to buy. Here are some simple tips to follow before you purchase your stroller.

Standards for Sound Genealogical Research

The National Genealogical Society offers advice and standards on the basics of seeking, using and documenting genealogical record sources, as well as common courtesies when communicating, sharing, or publishing genealogical findings.

What Will You Do to Enhance Your Parenting?

What changes have you noticed in your children over the last year? Is there something your children are doing that is challenging for you to deal with? Is there a parenting skill you would just like t

A Simple Wash Routine for Cloth Diapers

One of the first questions new cloth diapering parents ask is, "How do I wash cloth diapers?" The answer differs depending on the baby's age and diet.

Photographing Your Baby

Want great, professional looking photos of your newborn to share with your friends and family but don't want to pay big bucks for a professional?Check out these tips for photographing your baby and you too can have beautiful, professional looking portraits of your precious little one!

Toddler Toys

Popular toddler toys at this age include activity toys for toddlers like musical toddler toys, toys with buttons to push, shape sorters, pull and push toddler toys and toddler bath toys to name a few. Toddler toys need to entertain as well as educate your toddler. Toddler toys have to keep your todd

Baby Boy Clip Art to Liven Up Your Baby Shower Cards

Loads of baby boy clip art images are available, once you click your computer's mouse and get connected to the Internet. First, you must know what clip art is all about. Clip art is about copying / cutting the pre-existing images. Yes, these images are already mostly in the books that have made

Kids' Movies - Why You Should Watch Kids' Movies Before They Do

It is easy to assume that a kids' movie is suitable for all ages. Unfortunately that is not always the case. What may seem like a funny or unrealistic character to you, could end up being something terrifically frightening to your young child. This is just one of the reasons why you should watc

Comparing Your Child to Others - When It Is Helpful To Compare Speech Skills

Often parents say they know they shouldn't compare their child to other children, but.... They are concerned about their child's apparent difficulties, but they feel guilty about making a comparison to siblings or other children. Though each child is a unique person who will grow and devel