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How to Hold Carpet Mats Down

Carpet mats protect rooms and stop outside debris from invading your home. But they can also slide around at inopportune times, becoming displaced or even causing injury. Keeping your carpet mats in place requires you to use a rug-gripping adhesive known as carpet tape or a rug gripper. The adhesive

How to Repair Scratches in Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures than regular ceramic tiles, resulting in exceptional stain resistance and durability. However, they are not indestructible. On countertops, scratches from knives and cooking implements may mar the surface. On floors, high heel shoes, chair legs or eve

How to Install Handmade Floor Tiles

After creating beautiful handmade floor tiles, you want to ensure the installation is properly done to showcase the tiles. Installation of handmade tiles follows the same process as laying factory-made ceramic tiles on a flooring surface. Preparation is the key to successful tile application. A rush

How to Add Lavender Scent to Calm a Room

Lavender flowers have a strong and unique scent. This scent is used to freshen up a room but is also used for aromatherapy purposes to promote calm and well-being. There are many ways you can incorporate the scent of lavender in any room using natural lavender essential oils and the flowers of the p

What Is Dry Stripping?

Used in home and commercial capacities, dry stripping is a method of removing wallpaper or other material without the use of water or other liquid substances. Dry stripping isn't always the answer, but it's a viable option in some scenarios to remove paint or other material from the surface of an ob

How to Install Outside Baseboard Angles

Many times when flooring is installed there is a gap left between the last piece of hardwood and the wall, or the edge of the carpet can appear rough. Baseboard is the piece of trim that serves as the transition from the floor to the wall, covering that gap while providing a clean, decorative feel.

How to Determine If Moisture Is Coming From Below a Concrete Slab

Concrete has been among the most commonly used construction materials for structural foundations and slabs for over a century. While concrete is a generally strong, stable and long-lasting material compared to other building materials, it has a common weakness to moisture, and will absorb any moistu

How to Install 42-Inch Kitchen Cabinets With Crown Molding

Kitchen cabinets require a lot of patience to install. However, if you are installing 42-inch kitchen cabinets with crown molding, you will be very pleased with the final result. Homeowners should learn more about installing wall cabinets before taking on a project of their own.

How to Install Slate Tile in an Area That Freezes

Laying slate tile in an area that freezes (i.e., on a screen porch or patio) requires some extra preparation with the underlayment. Most building materials move with temperature changes, and slate will move at different rates than the wood or cement under it, which can cause the tiles to crack. A la

How to Calculate a Suspended Ceiling

Adding a suspended ceiling to an area like a basement is a fairly simple, attractive and cost-effective way of finishing the ceiling of the space. To make sure you don't waste your money by buying excess materials, a little planning is in order before you begin your project. With some measurements a

Problems With Floor Heating

Wood floors can take awhile to heat up with floor heating.Parquet floor image by Einar Bog from Fotolia.comFloor heating provides comfort and warmth to many homeowners. Floor heating is advantageous for those who don't want to see vents or other heating devices in their home. In addition,...

Interior Plaster Repair

Interior plaster walls and ceilings provide a solid surface that can be smooth or textured before paint is applied. Damage to plaster walls ruins the look of the room and exposes the wall's interior structure to moisture and temperature extremes, which can lead to mold and mildew. A damaged plaster

How to Fix a Metal Shingle Roof

Roofs made of metal shingles are sturdy and can stand up to the toughest environmental elements. However, they do have the ability, like any other material, to become damaged. If a hole appears, and you would first notice this by a leak in your house, then you need to patch the hole immediately.

How do I Install Wilsonart or Formica Countertops?

Don't hire a contractor to install your Wilsonart or Formica countertops. Do it yourself and save money. Wilsonart and Formica both offer countertops in different colors and styles to fit your decor. Laminate is often used for its durability and inexpensive price. Installation of these two countert

About Paving Material

Whether you want to construct a superhighway or a path through your garden, paving material is the cornerstone of the operation. Certain paving materials are more suitable for certain applications, and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

How to Install a Mosaic Shower Floor

Mosaic tile floors in a bathroom shower provide an attractive option that's also more slip-resistant than larger bathroom tiles. The tiles are small, but you don't have to install them one by one. Many mosaic tiles appropriate for bathroom use come stuck in groups to backing paper. You can find the

DIY Beach House Furniture

It's not difficult to turn a piece of furniture such as a chair, bench, cabinet, or bookcase into beach-house décor. Wooden or wicker furniture has the most popular aesthetic, and if you choose to paint it, an inexpensive piece of furniture of any color can work. When considering color, bright

How to Measure Laminated Floors

Laminate flooring is a combination of melamine and wood composite that is covered with wood grain-designed paper. This type of flooring is designed to look like all types and shades of wood. Unlike hardwood flooring, laminate flooring is water resistant enough to be used on patios and in bathrooms.

Is There an Easy Way to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is tough and long-lasting, but over time it can become faded and worn. When it's time to pull up your vinyl flooring, there is an easy way to remove it, but it still will take some time and patience. It's important to pull up vinyl flooring carefully to protect against damage to the s

DIY Room Divider Made With an Outdoor Trellis

Two or more outdoor trellises, available at most garden centers and home improvement stores, can make the ideal room divider for a variety of spaces. They are easily customizable, making it possible for you to work them into nearly any type of décor, and are oftentimes cheaper than purchasing p