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How to Remove Stains From Tile Floors

One of the best ways to maintain your tile floors is through use of preventative maintenance. That will assure a long-lasting floor that remains attractive. Wipe up spills immediately, and don't drag chairs or heavy objects across the surface of the tile. With just a few of these precautions along w

Green Guide for New Businesses

Going green in your business is not only good for the environment, it can also help you save money. Whether you are starting a small business with few employees or if you own a large company with multiple locations and a large payroll, there are many different green initiatives you can incorporate i

How to Get Leaf Stains off Concrete

The natural dye in plant leaves may leave stains on concrete. Over time, the leaves' dyes can seep into the concrete surface if leaves are left in one spot long enough. The porous nature of concrete absorbs the dyes, thereby leaving a leaf stain. Concrete leaf stains diminish the appearance of your

Candle Tart Warmers for Use With Tealights

A tart warmer is an ideal way to fill a room with a wonderful aroma. Tart warmers are similar to candles, shaped like a small disk, and available in a variety of scents. When a scented piece of wax known as a "wax tart" is melted at low temperatures (commonly a tea light), the aroma flows throughout

Placement of Air Movers for Structural Drying

When a building has water damage, such as from a flood, everything from the carpet to the drywall must be dried or replaced. Air movers adry a structure better than just a randomly placed fan.

The Uses for Water After Cooking Pasta

Pasta is a staple food in many households. It takes less than 10 minutes to make and can be served with pasta sauce and cheese. Reuse the water used for boiling to cook another meal or recycle the water for a different use. Delegate one person at each meal to think of a way to recycle the leftover w

How to Tell If There Is Mold on a Hardwood Floor

Mold rarely grows in living trees because the bark provides a natural barrier. However, once the tree is cut down, the barrier begins to lose its effectiveness, allowing mold spores in the air to colonize the wood. Mold growth on your hardwood floor is particularly troublesome because, in addition t

How to Use Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell on Plastic

Due to outdoor exposure, your children's plastic outdoor toys, such as playhouses and sand boxes, look dirty and old. Routine cleaning can remove the dirt, but you may need more to restore color and protect the plastic against further outdoor damage. Turtle Wax manufactures products to wax and shine

How to Get Icing Dye Stains Off of Countertops

Your cake may be ready for the next cake-making reality show, but your countertop is riddled with icing stains and reminiscent of the ones you've seen on kitchen makeover shows. Since many different types of countertops exist -- such as Formica, concrete and granite -- read the owner's manual to lea

How to Clean a Bathtub Drain

It doesn't matter how much we spend to gussy up our bathrooms, or how pristinely we decorate them--they all meet the same fate. Face it, some nasty things take place in bathrooms, and even though we make them appear as though they're pleasant places, someone must eventually grasp reality and clean t

How to Remove an Ink Stain From Leather Furniture

Stains on leather furniture is something we all want to avoid, but ink stains on leather furniture are especially stress-inducing. As a natural fiber, leather is porous and absorbs stains into the fibers. Disastrous-looking ink stains, whether small or large, can be successfully removed from your le

Ways to Clean Mahogany Wood Furniture

Mahogany is known for its reddish brown color that darkens with age, and for its ability to last. With proper care and gentle cleaning treatments, you can increase the life of your mahogany furniture. Avoid silicone and water-based cleaners--they can ruin the finish by diminishing the quality of the

How Do I Clean a Home Espresso Machine?

Espresso machines can become dirty rather quickly and because of this, they need to be cleaned. A dirty espresso machine is not only unsightly and unsanitary, but the build-up in the machine can actually even affect the way the espresso tastes. To get your espresso machine clean and back to serving

How to Clean Toilet Bowls With Coke to Remove Rust

When the stains in your toilet bowl are embarrassing to look at and difficult to remove, you might be surprised to discover that relief from the problem could be sitting in your refrigerator right now. Coke, like most sodas, contains a certain amount of acidity. This acidity can work in your favor w

How to Paint Over Interior Alligatored Paint

"Alligatoring" is the trade term for a pattern of close cracks in a paint job. It's most often caused by applying a second coat of paint over an incompatible or still damp lower coat. Because alligatoring is caused by bad interactions between two layers of paint, it's a bad idea to paint over it. Th

How to Clean Mud Off White Pants

Mud consists of wet sand, decomposed vegetation and other organic material that, when left on white pants, may cause staining that takes effort to remove. If you are able to treat the mud quickly, you should be able to prevent stains. If mud on the white pants is from flood waters or other mud you s

How to Remove Dog Smells From Laundry

Man's best friend, that furry, four-pawed almost-person who guards our homes, vacuums our floors for wayward crumbs and keeps us company when no one else is around---how we love the family dog. Except when we walk into a room and realize all we can smell is eau du pooch. Here are some tips for expun

How to Fix Clumped Batting

It is a common problem with comforters, blankets and quilts. You buy a new covering for the bed and after some use, clumps and lumps of batting start to build up. Not only is it unsightly, but lumps of batting mean some parts of the bed covering do not provide as much warmth. The good news is there

How to Use the Haan Steamer Cleaner

Haan manufactures products that clean with steam to disinfect floors. Steamer cleaners remove dirt and allergens from hard floors by applying steam into the floor fibers and in between tiles. Using water only to clean reduces the cost of cleaning products and their odors that can cause allergies. St