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Facts About Grandfather Clocks

The grandfather clock is perhaps one of the most stately and magnificent clocks ever created. Standing over 6 feet tall and encased in fine wood, it adds elegance to any decor. With a rich history, this clock is a phenomenal timekeeper and has many tales to tell.

Toddler Bedding & Victorian Style

The Victorian era was a time of abundance and over-the-top interior design. An interior design in the Victorian style uses rich and vibrant colors, exquisitely carved furnishings and decorative accessories that fill every nook and cranny of a room. When decorating a toddler bedroom in the Victorian

How to Decorate a Concave Curved Wall

A concave or curved wall adds a contrasting feel to a room, but decorating the curvature proves more difficult than a level surface. Spaces with concave or curved walls may only represent a small section of the home, but to ignore it leaves a lost opportunity to showcase the area. Certain products a

What Are Standard Bed Blanket Sizes?

There are no industry-wide standard sizes for bed blankets, but most blankets will fall within a few inches of the approximate sizes. These sizes will help you select or make the best blankets to fit your bed.

Tools Found in a Tool Belt

Weigh several options when selecting a tool belt for basic carpentry. There are essentially two types of carpentry work, rough and finish. The tools carried for rough carpentry work are somewhat different than those you'll carry for finish. Rough carpentry includes form work and heavy exterior carpe

Uses of Type I Commercial Vinyl Wall Coverings

Type I vinyl wall coverings show resiliency in relatively moderate applications and are considered light-duty wall coverings. Depending on its density (15 oz. or 19 oz. per yard), a 54-inch wide Type I vinyl wall covering proves functional when a fusion of aesthetic and primary barrier defense is re

Ideas for Decorative Bathroom Towels on a Rack

While bathroom renovations can be very expensive, there are some simple ways to freshen up your bathroom, including placing decorative towels on a rack. Fluffy, new towels can give your bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel and make your family and guests feel pampered. From decorative ties to hotel-s

Decorating With Stencils

Unless you are talented enough to wisp a brush through paint and come up with a masterpiece, decorating with stencils is a great way for you to experience the satisfaction of being an artist of decorative painting. And of course, art is all about decorating our lives. We want color and pictures ever

Buying Blinds for your home

Blinds are a great alternative to curtains and can be very stylish when they are done right. Blinds look great in any home and come in various sizes. You should easily be able to find ...

How to Decorate a Kitchen With Almond Appliances

Can you design a beautiful kitchen around almond-colored appliances? Yes, if you follow a few simple tips. You may actually consider yourself lucky to have almond appliances, since almond is a true neutral color. It may not be the most fashionable color at the moment, but you have many more options

How To Remodel Children’S Bedroom

From time to time, every room in the home is going to need to be updated. There are going to be times when all that is really needed is a fresh coat of paint or ...

Top 10 Bedroom Colors

Color can drastically change the mood of a bedroom.bedroom image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comThe bedroom is a private sanctuary, a place of retreat that should reflect your personal style as well as a unified theme. Color choice is important in any design plan, but especially so in...

What Are the Key Benefits of Futon As a Medical Bed?

Every product has some side advantages and disadvantages but here you are going to explore some of the key medical advantages of traditional futon bed. You must be surprised to know that futon is not ...

Wallpaper Projects

Bold patterns add life to drab interiorsseamless retro wall-paper image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comWallpaper has always been an old standby to cover up a dingy wall or give new life to an outdated room. Possibilities abound when considering other uses for wallpaper. The variety...

How to Choose Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are available in a variety of styles, construction and sizes with a range of colors and additional features made for each. Whether you purchase your chairs for the office or for use in your home, there are a number of considerations you should consider before making your purchase.

Decorating Ideas for Apartments With a Cathedral Ceiling

Properly furnished, a room with cathedral ceilings can be both dramatic and warm. While it would be impossible to walk into an apartment blessed with these high ceilings without noticing them, there are tricks for making the room feel cohesive and cozy. It's all a matter of bringing the eye down.