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How to Put in Chain Link With T-Posts

Chain link is a type of fencing that comes in a roll. It is made of aluminum and is attached to posts that are spread out equally. It is available in 4-, 5- or 6-foot heights. Most types of chain-link fence are installed directly to aluminum posts. These posts are dug into the ground. The chain link

What to Do With Tree Stumps?

Old tree stumps can ruin the look of a garden lawn or flower bed and also make maintenance such as mowing the lawn more difficult. Tree stumps are an unavoidable consequence of removing diseased or dead trees, unless you ask the tree surgeon or contractor to mechanically grind out the stump remains

Three Landscaping Must-Dos for Thousand Oaks Businesses

Thousand Oaks business owners have many things in common, but chief among those is the understanding that beauty outside the building is just as important as beauty inside the building. From accountants to travel agents ...

How to Pressure Wash a Wooden Porch

Before you pressure wash your wooden porch, consider what you hope to achieve. A pressure washer quickly removes dirt and mildew, but also removes paint and a fine layer of wood. If you plan to paint or refinish the porch anyway, then a pressure washer will work well. But if you only want to clean t

How to Properly De-Thatch Your Lawn and When to Do It

Are you tired of paying "lawn care experts" to remove the dead grass from your lawn every year? Well with a little bit of initiative you can do this yourself to make your lawn more beautiful and help the environment.

How to Destroy a Mushroom Fungus

Mushrooms, or toadstools, are the fruit-structures of some types of fungus. These reproductive structures including inky caps, puffballs, and stink-horns can be cute but can sometimes lead to total domination of an otherwise gorgeous green or flowered lawn. Most lawn fungus is beneficial because it

Garden Clearance Services - It's Time to Show Some Love for Nature

When we have a garden attached to our residence, it is indeed a gift of nature. However, it is up to us how we maintain it and keep it lively. Continuous accumulation of trash like dread leaves and plants can have a negative effect on the overall appearance of your garden. Take help of an efficient

How to Level a Lawn Mower Deck

Riding lawn mower decks often get out of level as people step on and off them, and parts wear. These decks are designed to be relatively easy to level side-to-side by simply turning adjustment nuts one way or the other until the deck is level. The front-to-back level adjustment depends upon adjustin

Recommended Beam & Joist Spans for Deck Framing

The strength of your deck comes from the framing underneath your feet. This framing consists of beams, joists, and posts that support the weight of everyone and everything that stands on the deck itself. The span between beams and joists is crucial to the structural integrity of your deck, and it is

How to Install Your Own Footer for a Block Wall

Concrete block walls are fairly simple to build and relatively inexpensive. They can be used for a variety of purposes in remodeling or construction. But a wall is only as good as its foundation. The foundation, or footer, for a concrete block wall must be solid and sturdy to ensure that it can supp

How to Install a Clothesline Pole

Drying your laundry in the open air on a clothesline conserves energy and helps trim the household budget. You can choose from assorted styles of clotheslines, such as pulley-drawn and umbrella-style. The most popular clothesline remains the traditional T-post made of metal or wood, and buried in ro

Enhancing Privacy, Security and Beauty of Your Property

This article gives information about fences. It talks about the importance of fences and the reasons why they are used. It also talks about the various types of fences available and the merits and demerits of them all. The article even gives minor tips about the installation of fences.

How to Time a Briggs & Stratton Small Engine

Briggs & Stratton motors power many lawn mowers and other low-horsepower devices. Most are single-cylinder, four-stroke engines, meaning that the piston travels up and down inside the cylinder twice to rotate the crankshaft once. The spark plug ignites a mixture of gasoline and air in the cylinder.

How to Kill Ear Wigs Bugs

Earwigs look similar to cockroaches, but are smaller and often reddish in color. Earwigs are harmless to people, but can cause damage to flower beds and gardens. They rarely bite, but when they do it is not very painful. Earwigs come inside to hide, but don't nest or feed indoors. The key to elimina

Installing the Perfect Koi Pond

Some front yard landscaping consists of flowerbeds, trees, fountains and other pretty decorations. Another landscaping touch will be to add a koi pond. You can set up the perfect koi pond yourself without having to pay a professional.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance - Part of Your Business Management

When you don't have a large outdoor space to maintain, it becomes difficult to decide if you should choose a commercial landscape maintenance service. You might decide to do it on your own, or perhaps hire a relatively smaller company, specializing in services for business. However, there are d

How to Build a Brick BBQ Pit Without Mortar

Build a brick BBQ pit using fireproof bricks that fit together so they do not require mortar. A 3-foot-wide pit area gives you enough room to make a fire for cooking foods on a grate set about 2 feet above the ground. Use large bricks to quickly put together the BBQ pit, or a mixture of large and sm

How to Stain Exterior Wooden Decks

Staining your exterior deck protects the wood from the weather and makes the deck more attractive. Prior to staining the deck, remove everything off the deck and prepare it for staining. This includes wash the deck and sanding as necessary. Examine the deck for surface wear and loose fasteners. Sele