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Non-Traditional Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

Non-traditional medicine has become a popular alternative for treating a variety of ailments and disorders, including drug and alcohol addiction. Although different from the structured 12-step programs, non-traditional rehabilitation methods have been successful in treating addiction.

Addictions - A Loss of Freedom

The addicted rarely recognize self-destruction until compulsive behaviors break down their lives through loss of a marriage, job or worse, personal family relationships.

Aromatherapy For Health Professionals - One Unique Way to Manage Stress

There are a lot of people who search for professional help when it comes to ways on how to manage stress. Especially in this society where stress is one of the things that keeps people going, there surely will be a lot of people who will be going to health professionals for help.

Is a Pill For ADHD the Best Treatment Option?

It is difficult to make the argument that ADHD doesn't require some type of treatment. The statistics support this statement showing that ADHD children underachieve academically 80% or the time and that just under 50% have problems with anger and aggression.

How To Beat Depression - Simple Tips

Are you an unhappy person? Do you know someone who is unhappy? are you suffering from depression? Or is someone you know suffering from depression? I believe I can help, I have listed some excellent ...

Is Omega 3 Helpful With Bipolar Disorder?

As of 2009, the medical jury is still contemplating whether omega-3 is helpful in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Plenty of studies show that omega-3 may be helpful with the depressive side of the disorder, but the manic state remains in debate.

Lithium for Bipolar Disorder

While the causes of bipolar disorder are unknown, genetics and stress are believed to be triggers, and an imbalance of brain chemicals is known to produce the symptoms. Low chemical levels result in depression, while high levels cause mania. Lithium, an element of the alkali metal group, is commonly

Discovering Another Dimension Behind The Meaning of Dreams

I had proof that the unconscious mind was good because various scientific discoveries that happened after Jung's death confirmed that the nature of our planet is very well organized. This organization could only come from a superior brain. The precise organization that characterizes the functio

Stop Worry and Be Less Stressed

If you are the type of person that frets about almost everything, then it is not an easy task to stop this emotion. If you suffer from panic attacks, then it is essential to to stop this emotion. Panic attacks can be brought on by first constantly worrying about things that may or may not happen in

How To Find Your Greater Self

A wonderful companion to deep breathing for mental health when anxious or scattered is a daily dose of positive.

Learning Difficulties

A short story about learning difficulties and attentional problems with an insight into the person's life, problems and how we can better understand them. It is possible to lower a child's social anxiety when in public by trying to make their physical needs easier by bringing food, drink a

Bipolar Disorder & Learning

Bipolar disorder (BD) causes an individual's focus and energy levels to be erratic, and each diagnosed child has strengths (to be reiterated) and weaknesses (to be assuaged by designing coping mechanisms.) Seasonal changes can also heighten BD symptoms, with feelings of defeat found most often in th

What Are the Early Signs of Schizophrenia?

Early symptoms of schizophrenia are often very difficult to recognize. It is hard to know for certain if a person has schizophrenic symptoms unless he starts to actively hallucinate and show strange behaviors. The prodromal stage of schizophrenia is very important in early detection of the disorder,

Fetal Alcohol Treatment

Becoming a parent is a responsibility that begins the moment a mother finds out that she's pregnant. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can produce fetal alcohol syndrome, resulting in lifelong problems for the child and a life of extended care-giving for the parents. No treatment exists for fetal

The Number 1 Reason For Weight Gain... And It's Probably NOT What You Think!

One of the main reasons for weight gain is never discussed in the popular media. It's not just about food, diets, sugar, cravings or not getting enough exercise and it's certainly not a pharmaceutical drug deficiency. The main reason for weight gain for so many women that I work with is so

Myths & Facts About Alcohol

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 61 percent of the United States population has had at least one drink in the last year. Although alcohol is commonly consumed, many people do not fully understand it consequences or are misled by myths about its effects.