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Put a Positive Spin to Your Life

The "I must" line of thinking FORCES all our body impulses to comply. And by nature people don't like to be forced to do anything. We can all understand that principle of nature in our own life's experience. You must eat your spinach! You must go to school! You must say your pray

Dream Up Something Better

Adam quite literally saved his life on Monday of this week when he stopped his thought process to dream up a new approach. Imagine what is possible for you. Collectively, society has stopped dreaming. We ...

Inspiration That Works For Me!

I enjoy inspirational quotes and sayings. Rather than just read them and enjoy them in the moment I like to apply their lessons to my life. This article talks about how some of them have affected me."

How to Have a Successful Power Hour!

An extremely valuable tool in the Self Mastery arsenal is a Power Hour! The old adage; 'Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise' is such a true one.

Over Learning?

When you have to remember the name of the new client, boss or competitor, you force yourself to repeat it again and again ad nauseum. Finally, it goes on auto-pilot and you stop this annoying repetition.

Magnify Leadership Development

As a learning and development professional, I have a keen interest in helping individuals, teams and organizations gain the skills and behaviors necessary to improve their performance. While I am very interested in making the training interesting, I am more interested in making sure that learning st

How to Visualize

You can program your mind through the art of visualization. Used by the greats in every field, a quiet moment of seeing your goals fulfilled creates powerful outcomes. Done repeatedly and with emotion, visualization paves the way for success, and can enhance healing.

Restore - Revitalize - Rejuvenate - Reinvent

RESTORE your natural state of vibrancy and peak efficiency by providing the nutritional, physical, mental, emotional, financial, sexual and spiritual support required by every being. We will work with you to increase your energy and radiance and ensure optimal everyday function in your body, clarity

Are Your Gut Feelings Actually An All Seeing Eye? A Demi God Of Some Sort?

People involved in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy fields often say that we should trust our unconscious mind. We should trust our gut feelings and treat our instincts like they are some kind of all-knowing deity. Is this definitely the right thing to do? Are they being naive?

Motivation Power

If you are going to accomplish anything in life then you are going to need the motivation power behind you to do it. Without being motivated enough to achieve your goal you will suffer from inertia.

Goal Setting As Inspiration

Hearing someone talk about goals in simple terms was (and in some cases continues to be) like hearing fingernails scraping against a chalkboard.

Get Self-Confidence - It is Your Birthright

If you are lacking in confidence the big question that you need answered is how do I gain self-confidence and then how do I stay self-confident. As you probably know if you are lacking in confidence it is closely related to a lack of self-esteem. You deserve to be self-confident. It is your birthrig