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How to Make Your Own Zebra Birthday Banner

A large birthday banner is an effective decorative element to add to a party space when you are celebrating a birthday. While you can often find a printer that will make such a banner for you, creating it yourself can give it more of a personal flair and also will be much less expensive. Make sure y

Wheel of the Year - Midsummer

Some of us have grown up hearing the word "Midsummer" and may have wondered what it meant. Certain calendar's mark "Midsummer's Eve" as some time in mid-June, and of course there's the Shakespearean play bearing its name, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Midsummer i

What Is the Difference Between Day of the Dead & Halloween?

Depictions of death are common in both celebrations, lending to the confusion.Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty ImagesHalloween, celebrated annually on Oct. 31, is an American holiday that has roots in northern European harvest festivals. Halloween celebrations often involve ghosts, ghouls...

How to Make an Advent Calendar Using Construction Paper

An Advent calendar can be either a secular calendar to count down the days until Christmas or a calendar used to mark the passage of the Advent season in religious observances. No matter the reason, an Advent calendar can be a fun way for children to count down the days to Christmas. A simple calend

Craft Ideas for a Halloween Witch Door Hanger

The Halloween witch motifhalloween witch image by Sirena Designs from Fotolia.comWitches have had a long association with All Hallow's Eve, the ancient festival that evolved into Halloween. The iconic modern image of the Halloween witch has been greatly influenced by the Wicked Witch of...

Mardi Gras Office Party Ideas

Working through the winter when summer seems a long way off can cause your office to be hit with the winter blues. The cheerful Mardi Gras celebration falls at the end of the winter and can provide an excuse to liven up your office with a party. Use the Mardi Gras season or Fat Tuesday to lighten up

Five Perfect Presents for Hunters

What the perfect present for the hunter in your life? A present that is as fun to give as it is to get? Here are five unique gift ideas for the hunter who has everything.

Surprise Birthday Gifts for Him

Gift buying for men does not have to be difficult.Kazuhiro Tanda/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesMen, like women, can be difficult to shop for. While personal gifts, like photographs and mementos are great, there are other gifts that you can get that express your affection for him. When...

How to Make Your Own "The Strangers" Costume Mask

"The Strangers" is a horror film about a couple on a romantic vacation, who are suddenly terrorized by three people wearing masks. The masks worn by the home invaders are very basic. One of the character's wears a burlap bag with eye holes and a mouth drawn on, while the two female intruders wear wh

Father's Day Gifts For the Every Day Dad

Ready to get that last minute Father's Day shopping going? Whether you have a big or a small budget, these gifts are sure to make dad's day special. From gadgetty tools, to massage packages and stuffed animals, discover the gifts which are far from ordinary and sure to bring a smile on dad

Toddlers Halloween Games - 5 of the Best

Halloween is a fun time of year both for young and old. But it can be difficult to know what to do to celebrate with a toddler. They are a bit young to go out "trick or treating" in the dark, and they may get scared. So why not invite some of the toddlers in your neighbourhood around to yo

Christmas Display Ideas for Preschool

Inspiring boards are easy to illustration - christmas tree. image by Indigo Fish from Fotolia.comIf you're looking for a way to get your students interested in celebrating the holidays, look no further than eye-catching, fun, and festive display boards. Use storybook...

Reindeer Washcloth Crafts

Whether you love Rudolph, the whole team or just reindeer in general, you can dress up your bathroom and kitchen to match your taste with some simple reindeer washcloth crafts. All of these crafts are simple to make, taking on average one to two hours. They can be sewn by hand, but are best done wit

Pumpkin Carving Ideas With Skeleton Hands

Skeleton hands are a creepy addition to a carved pumpkin. Stencils and templates are beneficial when making carvings. The skeletal patterns are detailed to make the carved areas recognizable as small segmented bones. Orange and white pumpkin skin offers two different looks for carved skeletal hand p

Mother's Day is coming-Don't Blow It!

All too often, Mother's Day is treated like any other day with flowers and it ends up leaving hurt feelings and resentment. Follow this guide to let the Mom in your life feel treasured-with out going broke!

A Fun Easter Treasure Hunt for All Ages

Finding a treasure hunt that will be fun and is for everyone can be a challenge. However, there are so many ways to build a super fun hunt for Easter! With the weather warming up and flowers coming out, who wants to be inside when being outdoors can be fun and exciting after being holed up inside fo

Wisconsin Dells: Freshen up Your Summer

Summer is almost here and the whole family's excited at all the possibilities of summer activities. Although going to some wonderful vacation spots such as Wisconsin Dells could be very much

Haunted Costumes Ideas

Coming up with ideas for costumes is rarely easy. Halloween is the one big occasion each year where you have to dress up, and traditionally, you have to become some kind of ghoul. What you decide to do for your costume can affect how easy it is to get all of the materials or how expensive a pre-made

How to Make Flower Arrangements in a Wine Bottle

Get creative when you're making centerpieces for your next dinner party, special event or even a wedding reception. Arranging flowers in wine bottles add a funky, vintage touch to the decor, and it's a great way to recycle. Wine bottles make cool vases and can be adapted to fit just about any theme.