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How to Install Owens Corning Caps

Owens Corning caps refers to ridge cap shingles. These shingles are installed on the top of the roof of a house after all of the shingles have been installed. The cap shingles give the roof a finished look. Cap shingles are made to match the exact same color as the regular shingles on the roof. They

How to Change Rear Brakes on a 1999 Ford Zx2

The rear brakes on your Ford Focus ZX2 are drum brakes. This type of brake system uses a wheel cylinder that presses two brake shoes against a rotating brake drum to slow and stop the vehicle. The rear brakes also act as the parking brake for the car. The rear brake shoes won't require replacement a

How to Adjust a KM175 Servo

Automatic transmissions and transaxles are required to smoothly adjust to a wide range of changes in speed and acceleration. When your vehicle is at normal road speed and the accelerator is suddenly pressed hard, a component called the kickdown servo automatically downshifts your transmission to pro

How to Repair a Muffler with Tape

After you've owned a car for a few years, the muffler may be in need of minor repair. It might be damaged by impact with debris on the road or could fall victim to the corrosive effects of rust. A small hole in the muffler can be repaired using muffler tape. This tape is designed to bond to the meta

2005 Chevrolet Impala Maintenance Concerns

The 2005 Chevy Impala has maintenance requirements like any other vehicle. Most vehicle problems seem to occur after 60,000 miles of driving. These maintenance issues typically stem from factory parts wearing out too soon, which necessitates the need for extensive and expensive repairs to...

How to Clean Vinyl Car Seats

Most people can remember the last time they washed the outside of their car. Fewer people can remember when they last cleaned the interior upholstery of their car. This is often more likely to be true if the seats are vinyl instead of cloth. Vinyl (like leather) is prone to cracking, especially duri

How Do I Replace Harley Davidson Brake Pads?

Harley-Davidson utilizes a hydraulic disc brake system on all of their motorcycles. The brakes consist of rotor, caliper and brake pads. If the thickness of the pads falls below 1/16-inch, then all of the pads should be replaced as a set. The length of time it takes to replace both the front and