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Stress at work -What can I do?

At work, stress is a problem that can effect us all. In the current economic downturn, the pressure to be useful to the company can be even greater. When stress becomes too great, the individual can b

Evolving Into Greatness

There are hundreds if not thousands of examples of greatness being derived form mediocrity.Start becoming the person you want to be by making one change in your life today.

Brainwave Entrainment Systems

What exactly is brainwave entrainment systems and how can it help you? Well in layman terms it is a system that uses what is called binuaral beats to syncronize your brain waves in a positive way. It has been used and seemsextremely beneficialin many aspects of emotional and mental well being.

Tips To Get You Out Of Feeling Stuck

The problem is that our focus is off and we are stuck repeating painful or damaging thoughts, feelings, desires, and behaviors that hurt us and others. Life may feel overwhelming as we try to avoid or control things that keep coming back to haunt us. When we are in conflict, uncertain about our next

Simple Ways to Avoid Stress

Stress can adversely affect a person's general well being. Anxiety attack is also known to cause emotional breakdown in people. There are many physical symptoms associated with emotional breakdowns or anxiety attacks like body weakness, high blood pressure, headaches, and chest pains. These are

Journal Possibilities

There are so many ways to use a journal or diary in your life.There are so many ways it will support you.There are so many possibilities.And there are so many different types of journals that you can keep.

Breakthrough Principles: An Introduction

This is the first in a series of eleven articles on 'Breakthrough Principles.' In this article, the author illustrated the picture of an individual or group that needs breakthrough. Read through and find out why you need a breakthrough in your life and in your team.

The Way to Happiness - Forget the Housework and Feel Great!

The way to happiness is not to be found in endless, repetitive, thankless housework, which can lead to depression and low self-esteem. It lies in recognising and connecting to who you really are on an inner level and in expressing your true self. Are you feeling as if life has lost its meaning and t

It Takes More Than a Gift

A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. I am yet to see a man that is without a gift, I'm yet to meet a man without a talent and I'm yet to find a man has nothing distinct to set him apart from other human beings.

Our Lives Are Meant to Be Unique

We are all given responsibilities. Our lives are meant to be unique; just as the beautiful snowflake is never truly duplicated. The Kingdom of Angels are also individually wrapped in an energy and aura that is dissimilar to any other. Like a great novel, your life has to be lived one moment at a tim

The Accountability Factor!

Learning is exciting! You might read a book, watch a video post or attend a course which inspires you to make some positive changes in your life or your business. You feel different, excited and determined that THIS time you're going to step into your own power and make things happen. This time

Creative Visualization

Ifyou wish to bring about change in your life creative visualisation is the most valuable tool that you can use, it costs nothing to use and is so easy to accomplish that you may be tempted to dismiss the idea. But it is acknowledged as one of the most valuable tools in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-lingui

The Real Keys To Achieving Great Success In Life

If you want to be successful in your life, this is the perfect article for you. Most people are living in mediocrity because they do not know what the real keys to success are. Once you knew the main factors that will determine your success, you can put them into good use and leverage on them to pro