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Dog Adoptions - A Great Way To Express Our Love For Our Furry Friends!

We have all heard of adopting a child, but there are many that have a soft corner for the furry, four-legged creatures that are ever-loyal: yes, we are talking about dog adoptions, a simple enough action that deals with taking charge of a doggy pal's wellbeing after the last owner gives the own

How to Select a Dalmatian

The dalmatian, with its white coat and either black or brown spots, is believed to go as far back as the Middle Ages. In England during the 1800s, the dalmatian was a carriage dog, used to guard its master and carriage. It has also been commonly known as a fireman's dog. A dalmatian makes a wonderfu

Canine Cataract Operation

Just like humans, dog's have a lens inside of each eye, similar to a camera lens, that helps with focusing. If the lens looks cloudy, cataracts is a possible diagnosis. A cataract is murkiness or opacity that appears on a lens. It causes impaired vision and blindness if not treated. If a dog develop

Dog Separation Anxiety - Causes and Symptoms and How to Treat it Effectively

Dogs are such social beings that are loyal, a friend, and sometimes more for their masters. As an owner of a lovely dog you would never want your dog to develop any kind of disorder or syndrome. But did you know that your affection and love beyond the line can make your dog a victim of dog separatio

Becoming a Successful Dog Breeder

Here we discuss what is needed to become a successful dog breeder and establish your own breeding kennel.Before you even start thinking about breeding dogs, you need to ask yourself: "Do I have everything that is required to start a breeding kennel?"What do you need to have to start a bree

Alternative to Neutering

According to the Humane Society, approximately three to four million dogs and are euthanized every year in the United States. Neutering and spaying are widely regarded as the best things the public can do to contribute to managing animal reproduction. However, alternatives are available to managing

Medications for Psychotic Dogs

Medication to aid in behavior image by Michal Tudek from Fotolia.comSome dogs suffer from psychotic episodes. Psychosis is a condition in which a dog temporarily loses control of its actions and is unaware of its behavior. During these episodes, the dog becomes overly...

How to Train Dogs to Stay Off Furniture

A dog who scratches up furniture can be a problem for the average pet owner. Most furniture isn’t cheap. It’s an investment that can drain a bank account. For this reason, it is important for a dog owner to train his dog to stay off the furniture with a variety of techniques.

Dog Adoption Centers

Just about every city and town across the nation has dog adoption centers, where you can choose a loving, caring pet that needs a new home. These dog adoption centers may benefit non-profit pet service organizations like the Humane Society, or they may be private non-profits that rescue specific bre

Dog Flea Remedy - What Effective Products Available?

Dog owners are often confronted with the same problem when looking for a dog flea remedy and that is "which is the best dog flea killer to use on my dog." To help dog owners in deciding on the right choice, this article listed some of the most effective dog flea products available.

The Positives of Orthopedic Dog Bedding

To say people love their pets would be the greatest understatement of all time. Our pets are loving members of our family and they present us with much support and friendship. That's why when our pets start to fall on difficulty times it is critical we take the necessary steps needed to insure

Spaniel Dog Hairstyles

A spaniel's ears must be checked regularly as they are prone to infections.Molly Hiding in the grass image by jbaby from Fotolia.comThe cpaniel family includes several breeds, including the cocker, American cocker, clumber, springer and water spaniels. All spaniels can be identified by...

Using a Doggie Daycare Program

If you are an owner of pet dogs, then taking its proper care is your responsibility. Your job is now easy with the dog daycare and dog boarding programs. This articles states about these vital programs.

How to Stop a Dog From Scratching Windows

Dogs generally scratch at windows because they are excited about something that they can see outside. While the most effective way to eliminate this problem is to block the view with curtains, you may not feel like removing all natural light from your home. Fortunately, there are many other alternat

Training a Puppy Not to Nip Can Save You Needless Worries

All puppies nip or bite when they play; this is natural. So training a puppy not to nip needs to be done with the understanding that biting is a natural behavior. It is rather like teaching a child to use the toilet - when they understand the process they are much happier, but it can require patienc

Easy Ways to Break Your Dog From Embarrassing Humping Habits

Does your dog like to embarrass you in front of company by becoming a little too "friendly" with a guest? Did Fido go "nuts" when your boss' wife bent over to pick up the keys she just dropped? It can be both embarrassing and upsetting to see your dog, who's usually cut

What Is a Good Veterinarian for Puppies Made Of?

First and foremost, a good veterinarian should know how to provide your puppy's medical needs by using his expertise and knowledge. A good veterinarian for your puppy should be knowledgeable and trained enough to save your puppy during life-threatening situations.