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The Global Village

Technology grows and changes with time. Can you imagine yourself sleeping and waking up in the next hundred years? I can bet you will be amazed and awed at the changes you will wake up to see. The advancement (especially in technology) of today is the dream of yesterday.

Effective SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization, which is shortly known as SEO is a process to get instantly visibility and traffic. The process involves optimizing content so that more and more people will come to the si

Instant Paypal Affiliate Programs

The secrets to any successful business are not locked away in some alchemical formula somewhere. Just like it has always been, the main secrets to being successful in any business is successful time m

How to Customize YouTube Channel Background Dimensions

Background images are a good way to keep the appearance of your channel fresh and different. Since the amount of modules and content on your channel is configurable, channel dimensions tend to vary. In some cases, your image may be too short to span the vertical height of your page. In other cases,

How to Change the Cookie Path in phpBB

The Administration Control Panel for phpBB provides users with administrator-level status access to the forum's settings and options. You can configure the settings and control how posts are displayed, manage the forum's users and groups, change the style and design of the forum and perform any nece

How to Hide Likes on Facebook From the Public

Millions of people around the world are finding each other and connecting on Facebook. As the site has gained popularity, privacy concerns have become a major issue for many Facebook users. You can personalize the privacy setting for your profile. This gives you some control over who can see what on